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YH3 Run Number 1305 - Riding the Full Moon H3 Run Number 91 Woodies, Headingley and Chez Lick it Up, 30th July 2007 Hares: Lick It Up and HRT Not only was this the 1305th YH3 run and 91st Riding the Full Moon H3 run, this day is also the anniversary of the birth of most auspicious Hash House Harriers Founder Albert Ingatios Gilpert, born 1903, died at the tender age of 38, 11th February 1942 defending Singapore Island. How astounded he would be to see how his Wee “H3” Nugget, born only 4 years before his death, has grown. After instructions from The Hares to look out for and interpret 3 new hash signs: “HA”, “HG” and “HP” a small band of Hashers set off from Woodies in celebration of our Founder’s birthday and of the Hindi Brahman Festival. The trail wound it’s way via a wee snicket off Cottage Road past the splendid large houses of yesteryear’s Headingley Elite to emerge via School Lane and the old mill pond (inevitably explored by Psycho) at the old Highbury Tannery – which proudly sports a blue plaque outlining it’s 13th Century origins and many changes of use to it’s present day existence as luxury apartments. Twilight and Lick it Up, walking sedately at the rear, found themselves repeatedly overtaken by Jack Tar, Rambo, Stick, Pansy, 19th Hole etc etc as these inveterate FRBs recovered from exploring false trails galore. Along the valley floor to the first ‘new’ hash sign “HA” where the flour was being eaten by a large rat, somehow confirming the naming “Hash Animals” referring to several huge stone lions adorning a garden and rather smaller horses’ heads atop the stables. On along walled paths into Meanwood Park where yet another rat was espied at the cross-paths check before the pack found it’s way along and across Meanwood Beck to a regroup by the stream at Hustler’s Row. Rivet & Little Stiffy decided to revamp this as a Re-Grope before Stiffy apparently on Cloud Nine disappeared into the woods whilst the rest of the pack proceeded up the footpath, overlooked by Paddigton Bear and Mr Blobby, to Weetwood Lane and “HG”, a magnificent ‘Hash’ Cottage ‘Garden’ with the most enormous thistle plants. On On down the hill with concern being expressed at the loss of Little Stiffy, and Rivet’s comment “Don’t Worry, He’s A Grown Up Man” – well she should know! Over Otley Road to “HP”, “Hash Passion” flowers on a wall and thence through St Chad’s church yard to Beckett Park and the garden of the GM, once more to be invaded, only two days after “The Great Headingley Hashes”. Here the general vibes were – ‘Why bother to go back to the pub when there’s so much beer here’ – so the Beer Stop became the On Inn – Chilli-con-carne, baked potatoes and garnishes were consumed with Passion and the circle commenced, with Zuwaina and Abudi interested observers of this strange ritual. Down Downs were awarded by Everready to the Hares (of the Black & Egg Full Moon variety for Lick It Up), to Rivet & Little Stiffy for their imitation of Grope, to Wheels as the only Male to complete Race for Life AND get a Medal and to Magnum, Stick and Jack Tar for misdemeanours I don’t recall. A fine finale to the Hashes and Race for Life weekend. Lick it Up

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