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Madam G.M.; Master R.A.s; esteemed guests – and hashers:

The Yorkshire Hash has spoken.

And the result is … We’re Out!

Let’s be clear – Yexit means Yexit!

Madam GM:

Yexit will fuel dramatic increases in beer consumption and drunkenness – not just within Yorkshire – but also throughout the Bah’t ‘At region.

We have assigned Talking Pussy as YH3’s post-Yexit ambassador – a move that has been widely welcomed – particularly in the USA!

TP is currently on a whistle-stop tour, assisting several other right-thinking, populist hashes with their independence ambitions:

Madam GM:

Hard choices lie ahead before we trigger article 69 of the Liversedge treaty. Our Yexit red lines are as follows.

Firstly - Freedom of hashing:

Our Next Red Line - Incomers:

Our Third Red Line - Hashonomics:

Madam GM:

… it’s obvious that Yorkshire became that kind of hash several decades before the referendum was called!

Madam GM – Our final red line is Sovereignty:

In disgust at Yexit, Chancellor Neptunus from the Hague has already, sad to say, Nexited Yorkshire, Returned to Holland and spurned our offer of some proper beer this weekend.

But Europeans beware – We will not have the likes of Mr Neptunus or his Brussels-based crony – Chancellor Higgins LeFevbre – dictating the shape and positioning of Yorkshire’s hash markings. They tried and failed at the 2014 Brussels beer odyssey and they won’t do it again! It’s very simple:

What More do you need?

Straightforward, unregulated trails for straightforward unregulated Yorkshire hashers – that’s what we’re about!

Madam GM: Before I finish, I have one more announcement.

This is my fourth Chancellor’s speech at AGPU.

After careful consideration, and detailed discussion with the GM and RAs, I have decided that it will also be my last.

Madam GM – I am abolishing the Chancellor’s Speech!

No other major hash makes hundreds of drinking changes several times a year, and neither should we.

Starting in January 2018, The Chancellor’s speech will be replaced by an annual “State of the Hash” address, but no other major fiscal or beer-setting event will take place here.

But don’t think for one second you’ll be free from scrutiny. This time next year, YH3 will be a year older and we’ll all have a year’s extra idiocy and Alzheimer’s under our cloth caps.

Rest assured that my 2018 address will contain a far greater quantity of insulting, inflammatory codswallop than I’ve managed to dredge up this time!

Madam GM – We have made our choices:

I commend this statement to the Hash!

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