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Run 1449, Dyneley Arms, Pool, Sunday 28th February AND Riding the Full Moon Run No. 119 Hares: EverReady and Flossie A large pack gathered in the car park of the Dyneley arms to hear that Lick It Up had Cuckoo’ed this run (the first Cuckoo of the year perhaps?). They headed off through the fields behind the pub through some woods where Bouncing Bomber’s Pooch decided on a liaison with some other canine passers-by before finding ourselves in the Chevin Forest Park taking in paths I’ve never come across before – with periodic intriguing wood sculptures to guide our way. Hoggy, Mojo & Ddog tried hugging a big guy with a mighty truncheon but fortunately came to no harm. Eventually headed down to the Cheerful Tea Rooms – where Hot Toddy’s were on offer from the hares – but a disturbing number of the pack (including: Sweetbreads (OK she does have an excuse, being with child), Matilda (keeping ‘child’ company?), Creamy & Love Muscle and Mojo – to mention just a few - headed off into the Tea Rooms for a hot drink – is our hash becoming soft ?? – this the 2nd Run Running (sic) when non-alcoholic beverages have been the order of the day at so called ‘Beer Stops’. Soon we were back in the Chevin Park where Ddog first mounted a Chippendale Stone and then got tied up with a load of Girl Guides on Hedge Planting? Duty! - and Bouncing Bombers had a go at riding a chariot, whipping Ddog into shape to make him perform faster. Thereafter, magnificent views over Wharfdale to Armscliffe Crag before descending to the On Inn. YH3 Down Downs went to the Hares, Flossie & Evers, Love Muscle – demo’ing his curious digital virtual beer glass, Evers (no2), the Baby-Under-Construction couple, Flossie (no2) (something about Pete Townsend quitting the Who), an unlikely trio of Hoggy, Cheesy Grin and Love Muscle (with virtual glass), 19th Hole, Easy Access (celebrating the Canadian Gold Medal Guzzlers stripped of their medals for over-celebrating : God – how miserable the world is becoming), Rambo & Evers (no3) and Cheesy (no2) and the landlord. It was now time for the Full Moon DD’s – Guinness replete with raw egg – offered to Riding the Full Moon Virgins, Hoggy, Psycho, Bouncing Bombers & Gasper and finally a Full Moon DD for Ann Berlin for disrespect to the FMGM in the circle – she balked at the egg which was gallantly finished off by Evers (no4). An excellent raffle followed with The Baby-Under-construction-Couple going off with several fixes?? (prizes!) including disposable briefs, wine in waiting, and a pregnancy test kit in case she gets herself into another Fix-Of-Nine-Months-Alcohol-Free-Time and to cap it all – the Captain Morgan Star Prize! Excellent run in clear sunny weather unveiling parts of The Chevin many of us had never seen before.

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