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Run 1448, The Midland, Woodlesford, Monday 22nd February 2010 Hare: Rambo Back t’ t’pub with the little toy train running round the walls – A good Monday winter run taking in streets of Woodlesford and Oulton, some fields and even some woods on the way back towards Oulton roundabout before inn-an’-out the housing estate and back to t’pub where an excellent spread of sandwiches and chips awaited us. Down downs to Hare Rambo, to Wheels, Lick It Up, Anne Berlin, Easy Access and our hostess. In the raffle Mojo became properly dressed for a change winning a crazy Dubai cloak, expertly modelled by Wheels, and a Benidorm YH3 T-shirt whilst Paddy O’Day & Pete went off with most of the other prizes including a Harry-Look-Alike donated by Wheels. Others in the pack: Little World Candy, 19th Hole, Pansy, Jake, Weasel,

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