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Run 1139, The Crown, Addingham, Sunday, 3rd January 2010 Hare: Lick It Up Pack: Matilda, Weasel, Candy, Smuttars, Grope, Black Widow, EverReady, Mojo Lick It Up stepped in at the last minute to Hare this run. Caught out by dusk the previous day with the trail only half recky’ed, she set off at crack of dawn, to be faced with the results of an overnight snow fall. Laying the trail (in Bovril & Curry flavoured flour) - at dawn on virgin snow was wonderful – the trail completed just in time for the arrival of the small dedicated pack who weathered the inclement conditions. The trail headed out north-west to the golf course, fluttering red flags but not a golfer to be seen. Smuttars strode out to catch up with the leaders ready for a photo-call at a memorial seat. Short of the farm the trail headed north over a series of fields, Lick It Up’s footprints all to be seen, yet Candy still managed to head off the wrong way – missing the footprints heading diagonally towards a style. Here Grope, Evers, Black Widow & Lick It Up hid behind the wall hoping to jump out on a surprised Smuttars – the effect spoilt by LIU’s loud ssshhhhhhh’’’sssss. Black Widow then took a couple of tumbles and needed Evers help to regain her feet. This spot afforded great views of snow-clad Bolton Bridge, Simon’s Seat and Wharfedale. There followed a snowball fight led by Weasel as the pack streamed down hill – to a track with a junction where everyone was tricked by some deceptive trail laying that left Lick it Up’s footprints apparently stopping dead, mid-way up the track. Thence On On through riding stables, across a lane and an On-Inn along the river bank with the wintery sunshine creating lovely reflections in the river. Back to The Crown where a VERY IMPORTANT FOOTBALL MATCH was being screened – namely Leeds vs THE SCUM in the FA Cup 3rd Round. Baked Shepherds’ Pie – circle – Matilda RA – DDs : LIU, Candy, Mojo & Black Widow, and the chef – RESULT: SCUM 0, Leeds United 1 (Beckford). LIU locked her keys in her car – failed to raise RAC – so was given a lift home by EverReady and car was retrieved next day courtesy of a lift from Ddog. An unusual run enjoyed by all participants judging from entries in the Comments Book.

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