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The Grove - voted by the hash as 'Best Pub of The Year 2008' and yet again, it lived up to its award (John would have been given a lovely framed, certificate showing this had Sweetbreads and Matilda not left it at home - never mind, it means we have to come back again!!) As ever, a warm welcome from John and his bar team. As ever, a good turnout of YH3 finest hashers. As ever 2 outstanding hares. As ever, it rained.......before we started there was a gathering in the smoking shed for a hash photo, I tried to position myself along a table to get a good, centre spread, however, Magnum parked himself ontop of me then at least 20 other hashers popped ontop of hime - not sure i will ever be the same again.....so off we set into the dark, cold and wet night, no flour tonight, only pink (a pair of secret polecats me thinks the hares are) chalk - and not a huge amount of that either. Across the canal and off into town, on what can only be described as 'very similar to the xmas lights run' trail. with a lack of ONON being called the pack pretty soon got split up, the FRB's following the trail to The St Johns Centre, losing it and then making it up a little until finding it again quite by accident on The Briggate. Who knows where the rest of the pack were as I am a skilled FRB and was swiftly running right up front!!!! back along the canal - passed where there were very fond memories of chocolate orange vodka at xmas (none tonight though) and then a nice, short run back to the ON INN. All in all not a bad Monday night trail, apart from we ran past almost every real ale pub in Leeds and had NO BEER STOPS!!!! Still having no idea where the rest of the pack was we retired nicely at the On Inn with a few beers to warm the cockles. Eventually Rambo turned up - he had been watching Leeds United in a nice, warm pub having a beer (good on him) and then in dribs and drabs the rest of the pack appeared. Down Downs went to the Birthday Hare Boys - Wheels and Jack Tar and a few Random Misdemeanours before the whole event got Cuckood by FD and her Full Moon Hash - apparantly there was a full moon - too wet and cloudy to see. A few of those horrible Full Moon Down Downs happened, and then fabulous Pie and Peas was served. The night ended with the new raffle dolly, Easy Access proving she could live up to the previous raffle dolly by hosting her first raffle of the year and yet another load of rubbish - oops, great raffle prizes were won by very appreciative hashers. ONON back to The Grove again soon. Sweetbreads

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