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Rapunzel once more stands up to lay a last minute trail! To his surprise twelve hashers turned up, including Stuart from Dorset who said he was a recent convert to hashing and loved the drinking but was not too keen on the running bit. That was unfortunate because the Knitting circle had stayed at home. Rapunzel declared that tonight's run was short to match the amount of notice he had been given to set it. As usual none of the pack believed the Hare especially as he had been down to set the next Sunday run from the same pub! We all set off at a decent pace and surprisingly the run was very short and we were back at the On Inn in no time. Jake was unanimously voted RA for the night being the only member of mismanagement to attend. He appeared to be a little uneasy with this as it clashed with his position of Hash Cash and it meant that he would have to spend cash on the down downs. When he announced his first down downs, for the two survivors of Shaggy Plugs Black Pudding Blackpool weekend he looked worried once more when it was pointed out that there were in fact four survivors! Being Hash cash did he order two more pints? No, the tight git split them into halves. The rest of the down downs went as planned apart from being left with a pint which he generously donated to FD's raffle. Jake then promptly won the pint back to shouts of fix! Once more Rapunzel had hared another enjoyable run at short notice. On On Littleworld

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