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Write up run number !!!!!! Sunday 12th Oct 2008 Sleeping Bag and Tight Fit Objection… I was handed the order of the BIRO without and spinning or tossing! OK It was a superb day . Well the weather was good and we were in MORLEY.. Not a bad turn out at The Arkle So we set off .. and actually did find some countryside around Morley. Over rubbish heaps, cross grassy bits, down pipes (Head Butts go for it) 19th Hole got her pants down Though here are some of the sayings for this run • Bramble Squashing hashers • Polecats have delicate skin • No, No this run was all Tight Fits idea (By Sleeping Bag) • Hares calling On On from the back of the pack • I’m not short cutting • A Wonkey in the bush……..is worth …in the hand • I like a good woman in the bushes • I’ll be… mine • I’m not taking this lying down glug gulg • Ferrets unite I have to say I was threatened by the Hare that I may not live to write .. this .. write up!!! Anything I say may be used in evidence against me (R”sole) AND there were NO BISCUITS or CRISPS at the beer stop

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