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Run 1366 the Golden Lion at Ripondon Halifax Hares Footloose and HRT It was a fantastic sunny day and all the hashers were there bright and early eagerly waiting for the start of the west Yorkshire trail. There was the usual hash greetings taking place , the exchange of allotment information and the handing over of empty jam jars. They jockeyed for position some at the pub and sad ones in the car park … and Grope not making his mind up half way between. One starter had already failed to appear as he got his … caught in the cash machine at TESCOs So they were off… Annie and Joan Collins dashing up to the start at the last minute Up to the old railway line they went, they were running. Good heavens what a run. After 15 minutes they were so keen and eager they had to be rested at a short Re Group. The last to just catching up in time for the On On…. Across the road and up the hill, (Well the first hill anyway). Across the fields, up the lane. Black widow doing some great checking, though slightly red in the face. Down the track, through the shaggy along past some ancient buildings. Talking of old things Lick it up got into conversation with the owners and discovered the entire history of the buildings. Hurry up Mezza Through a little !! more shiggy and down to the stream. Yes up the other side past some cottages and down to the Noisy dogs. Keep going they are chained up… honest. OK turning left through the gate… OK who missed it!!!! Up the hill and far away…. To the next re group. Fantastic views of the reservoir. But disaster struck here the hare, so taken with the fantastic running, the views and particularly the smell of the beer stop did not lay and arrow for the one or two slower ones. HE WAS TO PAY FOR THIS LATER!! After a short regroup off they went down hill, Annie come back. She was running well and very enthusiastically doing checks. Down the hill. Arsehole, after complaints about the standard of the trails was running. They were really going for it now, down to the stream and the big over flow, along the side of the lake and yippee the beer stop. And what a spread !! 15 minutes later, nudge nudge Tight Fit and Joan Collins came out of the woods. Another 10 minutes and mobiles were out establishing the whereabouts of Lick it up…. OK so they were on trail. BUT who was this, well done a late comer Ain’t Got any on trail in front of Lick it up. So Beer stop with a view and off down to the Golden Lion to savour the delights of Fantastic Sausage casserole. It the pub Evers without his damaged bits !!.. and not long after we arrive.. in a Mercedes comes lady 19th Hole. A lift to the pub. Now do we believe she did the trail.. Well she did seem to know all the main bits, Old House Yappy dogs etc Anyway well done and thanks to all those that completed the trail, a great day was had by all. Footloose and HRT

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