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The Brown Cow Run 1355 30 June 2008. Hares: Tight Fit and Pansy/Orifice This was my first run with a Pansy. I was quite worried.... He has a rather slim physique and I wasnt sure he could keep up with a finely honed athlete. And looking at the map, of this strange place, full of Eastern promise -remember “I dont do East of Leeds”, it looked very wild and windswept. So, I was very gentle with him, and made him pace himself, and walk all the way round. He coped amazingly well, and might just make an athlete himself one day- if he puts on a few stone in the right places. And, in this strange country I had heard that there were bandits, footpads and highwaymen “here there be tygers”. But actually, it was just a blasted heath. And that turned into Temple Newsam Park. So, quite tame really. We visited the Roman Temple, but didnt see any Bacchanalian orgies, or even normal hash ones. And the run went round Temple Newsam house, but there were no peasants to shoot. But, a good trail, and a reasonable pub. As you may have gathered, this was written 6 months later and I cant really remember what I did 10 minutes ago, so its all a bit vague really. Tight Fit. 3. 1 2009

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