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Run 1353 – Gascgiogne’s Bar,Garforth,Monday 16th June Hare – Rapunzel Sexy,sunny,summer night at long last and a action reply trail of last year from Rapunzel – a good trail though- lots of off road. Big turn out again-almost 30 hashers including BJ from Wirral and Chester,who is on a contract at Drax power station beating all kinds of shite out of protestors,or something like that,so he will be running with us more most Monday run for quite a while. Best money he’s ever been on,so the drinks are on you buddie. Pub had been done up recently and was run by a very attractive Geordie lass and like yer average Geordie lass she downed a pint in seconds when called in for a down down later on. Just like Paris Hilton ,she said– oh I’m so embarrassed – about 5 seconds for a pint doesn’t sound embarrassing to me. Health and safety came to the YH3 when we had to decant full glasses of beer into crappy plastic one’s if we ventured into the beer garden-– BJ thought the plastic was a special type of unbreakable glass-cue a down down Lots of sausage and chips which Rapunzel probably paid for himself as the landlay said we could come back anytime and for free next time. Sure we will take her up on her offer-nice lady,nice pub,nice night. Good night, Onon, Ever Ready

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