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Run 1436 notes Sunday 27th April 2008 Two Pointers at Woodlesford Orifice (Pansy) and Rambo The two Hares were grabbed at short notice to fill in and lay the trail from the Two Pointers in Woodlesford. The hares met at noon on the Saturday and had a quick chat on where we were going – it was decided that we would lay two trails – a wimps and Rambo trail with a ball breaker of doing them both. It was a lovely warm day and off we went to lay lots of falsies from the off. The wimps trail was round the houses and down to the station in Woodlesford with the Wimps on inn back to the pub. On On over the canal and into virgin hashing grounds – lots of flower just in case it rained (and boy did it rain). Sunday was upon us and we met at the two pointers at 1030 and made a decision to drop the wimps run cos it was raining hard. And the Rambo trail was still on…….the pack arrived in dribs and drabs until there were thirteen in all – a sad turnout and partly due to the weather but also underlying issues within the hash may have been the cause. There were more SH4 hashers than YH3 at the off……down the hill to the first check and on through the station – young yobbo’s giving us lip but not to be deterred up and over the bridge and down along the road over the canal and down the towpath. In the rain the SH4 boys were in the in lead Matilda and Shaggy bringing up the rear, Annie, HRT and Black Widow were the knitting circle – Orifice had disappeared to go check out the trail and Rambo was throwing the flower for any late comers. A good false trail let the pack catch up again and then it was into virgin territory up the hill for a great Hash View, Well it was yesterday in the sunshine. The pack got lost now after Footloose missed the trail – on on down to the back of lemonroyd canal basin, then after lots of false trails the pack found the shiggy………the shaggiest run of the year so far ……..it was bad yesterday but due to the rain it was brilliant today! On on for about a mile through deep shiggy. Along the river through lots of water and then upto the re group at the side of the canal. Back over the road and down the canal to the lock at Woodlesford and on inn up the hill back to the pub. Now when orifice booked the pub they said they wouldn’t do food without paying for it so it was decided we would go to the Carvery at the Grove – about a mile away but then we decided to have the down downs in the Pointers before going to the Grove then the landlady sent her barman to ask if we wanted Yorkshire puddings and gravy – it wasn’t decided if we were going to pay for them or not but in the end it was gratis………so alls well that ends well!! At this stage the hashers were the only people in the pub so if we hadn’t have been throwing cash over the bar it would not have been worth opening! Onto the raffle and down downs Outside was the location for the down downs – 13 in all so in fairness all those who bothered to turn up were rewarded!! It was a good trail with lots of shiggy – a good pack – and an enjoyable day.

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