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Run 1324 Queens Arms, Horsforth 9th Dec 2007 Hares Matilda & Sweetbreads Arriving ay the Queens Arms to find the bar open was a big bonus as the threatening hangover from the night before was swiftly dispatched with a wonderful pint of landlord. Suitably refreshed the pack of sixteen assembled ready for the off. Sweetbreads gave the usual instructions and announced that there would be two beer stops and that one of them would be free, at this point Matilda looked a little worried. Hashers set off in all directions and as we got on to the correct route two hashers could be seen running like the wind to get on trail, we couldn’t tell who the one in front was but the second hasher was Rambo running faster than ever seen before. As the front runner passed all became clear as a shapely ladyout for her morning run came speeding past looking furtively over her shoulder as Rambo came up from behind. It was no contest though as she disappeared into the distance and Rambo stopped puffing and panting as he tried to catch his breath. As we came to a check in some woods, there was a cry of on on from the left and Matilda promptly put an arrow down to the right before confessing that he’d forgotten to mention that Sweetbreads had got carried away and put an extra blob on a false trail, oh the joys of being a FRB. It was then on to the first beer stop at The Bridge at Woodside and it became clear why Matilda had looked worried earlier, Sweetbreads had volunteered him to pay for all our beer because The Bridge is also the name of the venue for thier wedding and it was Matilda’s birthday run so we all sang? happy 41st birthday to say thanks. Cheers Matilda! As we set off for the second beer stop Grope was determined to work out where it was and after a couple of checks he was convinced he knew and he was off! Just as we were nearing The Town Street Tavern, Grope caught up with us having gone to the wrong pub, you can’t beat local knowledge. After a couple of beers it was time to make our way back to the on inn via the hash view of a building society which no one apart from Sweetbreads could understand. A much better hash view was a little further down the street where a group of salivating hashers were brought to a abrupt stop by the local delicatessen, refusing to move for a good ten minutes. Once back we were treated to a super hot chilli & chips in fact it was that hot the fire alarm went off several times. Ever Ready stood in as RA and dished out several down downs. I can’t really remember who received them after the hares as having received one of the early ones the rest of the circle was spent trying to control a battle between red hot chilli and an ice cold chemically laden liquid laughingly sold as ale. The day was rounded off with a quality raffle of alcohol and chocolates that raised the princely sum of seventy pounds which was donated to the Yorkshire air ambulance. On On Littleworld

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