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Hares : Magnum Woodies Bar Headingley Now where was I? This Sunday being the appointed date for the Abbey Dash and as all our usual favourite pubs near the city centre were closed either permanently or just on Sunday afternoons (must have heard we were coming) Magnum arranged to run from Woodies and to delay the start until 11.30 to allow the Abbey Dashers chance to get there.(probably Wheels and Black Widow) Stick informed me that the 10.53 train out of Harrogate arrived in Headingly at 11.18 and 12 minutes would not be enough time to get to Woodies for the appointed start time. He therefore proposed getting the 9.53. train to arrive at 10.18 leaving us plenty of time to get to Woodies and get a pint before the run started. Now I am all for a bit early morning action but I had a better plan! I rang Twilight to ask if they could hold the run for a few minute to enable us to make it on the later train and thereby get an extra hour in bed. “Oh yes” she said “if you come down to our house I will run you up to the pub in the car”. So arriving at Headingley on thelater train what welcome sight awaited us the Twilight sitting at the station in the car all ready to get us to the pub and still have time for a drink before the run. Sometimes life is so sweet!! Anyway down to the important matter of the run. I can’t remember this one either! I know that after a bit of a skirmish through Headingley we headed to the woods for a lovely run with a stream crossing even a rope swing thrown in which Rapunzel refused to go near muttering something about “having dependants now”. Back at the pub the ever jovial Victor Meldrew had arrived along with Mrs. Meldrew (Shag) at his advanced age he is now unable to do both the Abbey Dash and the Hash. (unlike the ever youthfull Wheels and the even youtfuller Black Widow) We had down downs and Chilli and some beer – unfortunately the Deuchars never materialized but nevertheless a lovely wooded run with a beer stop at that other pub down by the river (whatever it’s called – the pub not the river). Good one Magnum and thanks for the lift Twilight. After the run we went back to Magnums for a few more beers while we waited for the train. This was fine by me as I was going to see Status Quo that evening and needed my senses numbing! All of this confirmed the the little comment made on the trail that being sober at Magnum and Twilight’s house is an oxymoran (see get it!! – clever eh) ON ON Jenny Talia

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