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Hares : Jack Tar Market Tavern Knaresborough On a fairly miserable Monday night the pack assembled in the market place in Knaresborough. Once again the dreaded “Checkpoint Charlie” at Alwoodley had seriously reduced the number of hashers traveling north from Leeds as they obviously did not have valid transit papers to travel the dark and dangerous A61. It was fortunate that there was a good turn out from the Harrogate Hash to swell the numbers to about 19 As if I didn’t have enough to do in haring the run and orginising the ON Inn I was also designated as scribe but herein is where the problem starts! Moving forward a week to run 1322 I was also designated as scribe for that run. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the “shelf” theory with respect to memory retention but as a person reaches advanced years the addition of new information onto the memory shelf causes something else to fall of the back of the shelf! In my particular case my hash run memory shelf in only just one run wide. It will therefore come as no surprise to you all to learn that the effort of remembering the goings on at run 1322 has caused all events of run 1321 to completely slip my mind – still we can soon make something up! A further complication to this run was that the Harrogate Hash was running on the Tuesday night from the Marquis of Granby also in Knaresborough. We had therefore designed a cunning plan and split Knaresborough into 2 halves delineated by the A59 and I had to stay on my side. The result of this was that I got all the steps up and down to the waterside much beloved of all hashers. So we went up and down the steps a few times and through the castle grounds stopping to admire the railway VIADUCT and the superb reflection in the river. We soon arrived back at the pub where there were down downs and drinking and hot soup, sandwiches, chips and pizzas. This was the first time I have seen the pack unable eat all the grub. Good run and a good night – can’t wait to read next week write up! Oh yes it’s just come to me Talking Pussy from Scarborough helped me set the run! ON ON Jenny Talia

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