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HRT & FOOTLOOSE’s RAMBLE We arrived at the Cricket Club having navigated our way via Satnav and found ourselves amidst a healthy pack of hashers ready and waiting to go, when from out of nowhere, came a lass astride a bicycle, clutching a grubby little bag. The lass happened to be HRT and after a few seconds we realised she’d set the run on a BIKE!!! Ouch!! This looked like it was going to hurt - so everyone comforted each other by reassuring that double doses of beer would numb any pain a gruelling run could inflict upon our weary muscles. Off the pack set into the fresh, crisp morning breeze following “an outstanding trail”, as Rapunzel put it, on to a strategically positioned BS, with loads of beer to fuel our veins for the rest of the trail and plenty of delicious cakes balancing our glucose levels for the ON INN and the hot pork pie & mushy peas in the comfort of the clubhouse. We’d got all warm and cosy inside, when FD & Rapunzel pulled us out into the chilly afternoon to bare witness to those who flouted & others from afar. First up Hatman and Mammaries were toasted as returnees or visitors. The former, his first hash being Hong Kong Hash, but now hashing in Ankara. Mammaries (who arrived too late and set off having had to do the whole trail without being able to catch up to the pack) got to drink her beer from her new boots! With a look of horror on her face FD sang her in as “gormless” and she quickly emptied the contents onto the floor - what a waste. Gobbler got a pint for managing to turn his life around. Toss-off & Holly just turned up for the booze! FD had a pint of beer and keys - the keys were the ones she left in the back of her car incase a passing thief might fancy a new motor. Eveready was pulled into the circle as the story unfolded about his visit to Tommy Two Lips and how he’d had a shower, washing his sparse tuft of hair using dog shampoo, to which we all bellowed out “who let the dogs out!!” Then there was the poor soul who left a note at the beer stop. The note read “FERRET LOST” and Little Stiffy was targeted as he is always disappearing on trail. Longhose was duly punished for the crime of falling off a roof!! His pain was softened by the beer though. A superb day, with yet again some superb people!! Thanks for a great run. OnOn Headbutt

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