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Run number 1316 Eden camp 14th October 2007– hare Rambo down downs -10 scribe –hugh rinal total pack -20 This was the highlight of a cracking good war weekend in pickering with marching bands old motor vehicles and rides on old steam trains. The theme was “old” as represented by those silly old buggers who turned up. Sunday morning saw the arrival of matilda, pansy, psycho, strappa, charlotte and a good turn out from scarborough – shag, donut, slut, Doolittle, talking pussy, give er one, bag lady and from out of the sea - sperm whale. After crossing over the motor way we galloped off towards malton. The scarborough lot – who don’t travel very far – were enchanted with the wonderful countryside – around malton which they had never seen before. They forget of course that even though they have done thousands of runs – we are the Yorkshire hash house harriers and we were the first to lay flour in this beautiful county This land is our land – all of it.And we’re proud of it. As always it is great fun watching the little legs of stick – with his pristine pumps-pounding up and down the country lanes pursued by psycho in his timeless yellow football Socks. The only living Stanley matthews tribute artist. Very soon we were pounding our way back into eden camp to a back drop of old aeroplanes And even older hashers. Even the walkie talkies managed to join us for a splendid lunch of proper Yorkshire fare including puddings with real free range custard. Young mattie did a splendid circle and down downs were awarded to : Boghopper (there’s only one Yorkshire boghopper) birthday Lick it up – for being lick it up Rambo – the hare Stick and wetnix – celebrating their 95th weddng anniversary Wheels – for being a pillock Spermwhale – visitor And the following splendid landmarks Doolittle 500runs Black widow 300 runs Wonky donkey 100 runs As mattie rightly pointed out if all their runs were added together they would not equal The total achieved by that boring twat wheels who was on 963 runs. They always say that the secret of a write up is to name every one who turned so mention must be made of grope who came ran drank and fell over. A great weekend – it was only a shame that so few people turned out – maybe a few more will come next year – if the good lord spares them. Hugh Rinal

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