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Run 1313 – The Owl, Rodley After a horrible day of rain, rain and more rain a meagre pack was beginning to gather and sampling some of the fine ales on offer. The lesser spotted Quokka could also be spied sitting at the bar. 7:30 arrived just as the hares entered looking a little bit flustered!! The flour has gone they exclaimed, give us 10 minutes start and we will do a sort of ‘live’ trail. Not a problem, time for another swift drink before setting off. A pack of 13 gathered outside a pub in Leeds 13, 13 minutes late! Things were not looking good for the assembled pack. The jinx was broken however by two very late arriving Harrogate Hashers by the names of Jack Tar and Stick. On On was the cry as the pack headed off up Bagley Lane. A sneakey snicket up some steps took us in to some wood and then across some fields. The Stanningley Rugby Club floodlights lit the way as the pack emerged onto Coal Hill Lane. A short while later and a spread out pack was heading back down Bagley Lane towards the On Inn! Not so unlucky after all a quick 20 minute trail and back to the pub. Oh no! Not with Little Stiffy and Rivet laying the trail. A sharp left turn and we are back in the fields heading towards the wonders of Farsley and Calverley. At the top of the hill a RE was formed. The har responsible for putting down the ‘G’ had forgotten so we were only able to have a RE. A quick trot through the streets and we emerged onto the Outer Ring Road with cries of On On from the FRB’s on the other side of the road. Why go down the hill and back to the pub when you can go the long way round! A quick game of chicken with the cars on the Ring Road and then we were heading up Priesthorpe Road and then along Shell Lane through the woods. At this point the hares had to hide in some bushes (likely story!) as the FRB’s had nearly caught them up as they came back along a crafty loop. After emerging onto Monsoon Drive (Apt name considering the amount of rain earlier in the day) it was back down Rodley Lane to the On Inn. For the FRB’s a little trip down to the canal had been thoughtfully laid by the hares. Back at the pub we all made our way to the conservatory as a ‘Jam Session’ was in progress. A HUGE vat of chilli for the meat eaters, a HUGE vat of soup for the veggies and bread for all was the welcoming fare offered by our hosts and consumed by all. Down Down’s were awarded to Jack Tar and Stick for spoiling the 13 hounds on run 1313. To the hares Rivet and Little Stiffy for a good Sunday trail! To Quokka for leaving her chocolate shop in Perth, to Littleworld for reaching 150 runs, to HRT for reaching 250 runs (accepted by Sleeping Bag as HRT had left), to Anne Berlin for asking where Rivet and Little Siffy were as she hadn’t seen them since we left! The usual banter and drinking followed as the pack drifted away safe in the knowledge that they had survived Run 1313. On On Matilda

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