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RUN NO. 1310 DATE: 2nd September 2007 VENUE: The Three Shoes, Otley HARES: Flossie, Ever Ready Well for a selected few hard core hashers this run started on the Saturday as we stayed the weekend, went to a very small Thai Restaurant and to say we were noticed is an understatement (not sure whether this was because Lick it Up’s boobs were so close to her chin or we were being just normal loud hashers) and then we proceeded on a pub crawl around Otley and in true hashing form lost one another. We met up back at the On Inn as we were told there was a band playing, yes there was however no one else was there but us and the bar staff (someone must have warned them I reckon). – but did it worry us, no way – we had a pub, a band and the dance floor to ourselves, perfect. So next day after a big breakfast the hard core hashers are faced with all these fresh, energetic looking hashers in the car park and we set off on the trail. It was a reasonably dry day, so no shiggy just lots of concrete and a feeling of going up and up and then we climbed a very noticeable big hill (via steps I think) and at the top the view was amazing – apparently this is what we went up there for (or was there a beer stop, can’t remember), anyhow after taking in the views (and getting our breath back) we then came back down the same way (must have missed that little short cut?????) good news was it was all down hill back to the On Inn. Great nosh served by Trevor the Landlord and then onto the circle and the Down Downs – obviously the first ones are awarded to the Hares, however Ever Ready had to have one on his own because Flossie had gone missing and no one knew where. When she returned her excuse was that she had gone to feed the ducks a sausage which was left over from her breakfast (I reckon she should have had 2 down downs for that) Other Down Downs were awarded to: Visitors - 2 scottish hashers who had just completed the 3 peaks Rivet – something to do with an electric toothbrush, so she had a vibrating down down Vat 69 – kissing a young local boy Aint Got Any – eating all the cookies Trevor the Landlord – great nosh On On! 19th Hole PS Lick it Up obviously wasn’t satisfied with one black bra to push her boobs up to her chin, cos when I got home I discovered mine was missing and guess what – Lick it Up had stolen it (and she still denies it)………………..

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