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THE WEDDING ANNINVERSARY HASH Aug 19th 2006 - Wet and Shiggy. Aug 19th 2007 - Wet and Shiggy. 1 year later and nothing much has changed....... Allegedly Little World had used flour to lay the trail, as I do this write uo over a month later flour is yet to be found around Bingley. A small but kean pack left the Bingley car park on a very drizzly Sunday morning, most of them running the wrong way - we are bound to go up the hill they shout - oh no we're not was the truth. Hash hounds Jake and Henry thoroughly enjoying the rain and shig made sure that everyone shared in their joy by soaking them at every opportunity. It was ON ON into the woods where the pack got split up, half went up the hill and half went down the hill (or is it half are over the hill??), 19th Hole and Sweetbreads stuck with Whos Whose thinking they would be safe, they shortcutted down a treacherous$ shiggy slope, 'grab that branch' yelled Whos to 19th, she did and almost broke the treee in 2 as the branch snapped clean off! As the pack started to emerge on the other side of the woods female screams could be heard coming from within the trees, these were shortly followed by the emergence from the trees of a smiling Jack Tar and Wheels..... From here on more shig was traversed and at long last the beer stop was stumbled upon. The Mucky Duck with its very own self named beer, ale was consumed, hashers dried off and then off again downhill towards the On Inn. the Bingley did us proud again with roast pork and gravy butties all round, they were consumed as fast as only hashers can do. Down Downs were dished out by our 2 wonderful RA's to many including the now not so newlyweds, athletes Pansy and Vinyl Arsehole and other miscreants. The raffle dollies Easy Access and Sweetbreads were as stunning as ever and Wheels won a fabulous camoflage umbrella-hat. Congrats on your 1st Anniversary Easy World, luv Sweetbreads x

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