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The Bricklayers Arms Woodhouse If any of this is wrong it’s not my fault I’ve been away Having just completed the Jane Tomlinson 10k in Leeds it was a stalwart effort for Wheels to also set the trail. He was not slow to remind us that this was his 101st trail set for Yorkshire. After all his efforts of the day we might have expected a short run but as Wheels arrived back at the pub from setting the trail on his bike we started to think otherwise! He explained the markings – white chalk for the out trail pink chalk for the in trail and off we went. Only a small pack due to other more attractive activities going on simultaneously – the Polecats trip to Barcelona, Interscandi 2007 in Glasgow and Henry washing his socks. He also explained that the pub kitchen was broken down and he had told the landlord there would only be a dozen of us at which point he was crowing as usual because there were 12½ of us (Rapunzell and Bookend were there with the young wippersnapper Bobbie). We headed unfailingly for one of Wheel’s boyhood haunts the “something or other hill” on the other side of “whatsit road” (I’m not from round these parts!!) and it started to rain – which is the thing I remember most about the run. We headed back to the pub and fortunately the rain stopped a bit and we picked up Ain’t Got Any on the way knackering the “Dozen” estimate. Back at the pub we all bunged in a quid to buy some beer for down downs and had a fairly relaxed circle presided over by Rapunzell. Down downs went to, among others, Wheels, Ain’t Got Any, Bookend, Stick for his drastic haircut – again and the 14½th hasher who was in the pub reading his book when we got back The Hatman. Good run (Wheels says) good pub and the landlord even managed to rustle up sausage and chips from his broken Kitchen! In view of the select nature of this hash and the unusual practice of paying for the run it was suggested that this was the first run of the Yorkshire Independent Hash – YIH3 (watch out Mouldy Dick and the Newcastle Hash). ON ON Jenny Talia

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