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Run No: 1296 Date Hares Easy Access and Little World Venue Their House near darkest Wakefield This pack was very aptly named as it was accompanied by 4 very large and hairy dogs… lovely ones. Don’t know their hash names, these proper pack members brought along with them a very motley assortment of ‘others’. One on crutches, two sneezing, others in various states of physical and mental degeneration. SO off they went on this rather gloomy day, dashing off to seek out the trail………..OK there was rank apathy for seeking out the trail… what trail some said…. did they really lay ANY flour at all. To continue, down alley ways, up hills, down tracks, across parks…. Oh do keep up with the dogs you lot!!!! Yelps and noises were heard! Oh it’s Lick it up , what has she lost this time! Giggles and such like… come on Easy Access we recognise the giggles. Rather rude noises……Sweet breads that was not the dogs. Were there really any front runners, answers please on a post card, yes I apologies there was Rivet and Little Stiffy and even Footloose if there was anything worth chasing!! Salvation was at hand though, 2 really not bad public houses. The first one had a really lovely beer that was rum and blackcurrant, could have supped it for longer. The second one I can’t remember And back to the house, and the lovely extension… did you notice! Downs Downs in the rain, fancy getting a down down for Mary Poppins!!! Lovely grub and sensational hosts. BUT I think I missed the best bit evidently it got quite lively…. so Head Butt was saying, knickers everywhere!! HRT

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