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Sunday 18 Feb 2007 Run 1279 Black Bull Rothwell Hare Orifice This is totally pathetic. I can remember standing in a pub when Head Butt leaned seductively against me and squeezed my left buttock. Nice so far, I must still have that certain irresistibility. Or so I thought until I heard the dread words ‘will you scribe for me this week, darling’. No problem, After all I do it often enough for Harrogate. There is a difference though. Harrogate words are produced in the same week while the memory is fresh. YH3 lets you wait and I can’t even remember when or where the trail was. Almost saved! The Yorkshire website keeps record of trails, and I haven’t been on too many this year. It must have been 18 Feb run from the Black Bull in Rothwell. Supposedly a Valentine trail with hearts and flowers etc, although most of the indigenous hashers are obviously too dourly Yorkshire to fall for such romantic nonsense. Those of us from the more idyllic areas like Scarborough and Harrogate did make bit of an effort. The trail. Even if I still had a memory I couldn’t say too much about what happened on the trail, because having checked out a falsie early on. I found myself totally adrift of the pack until the beer stop. I did meet up with LIU/FD/Madwoman and we had an old folks chat for a while, before we encountered Strappa, who kept us amused with some light hearted banter, but which was obviously not memorable (to me at least). I do have recollections of the beer stop which was in a pub car park, and I think there was something nice to eat, but it was the drink which I do definitely remember. When I was a little lad I spent some time in a children’s home. During the first few days, while I was still a trusting soul, one of the older lads offered me a bottle of drink which I gratefully accepted and took a swig – but only one. He was a jolly joker who had pissed in the bottle. Until now that had been the most horrid drink I had ever tasted. Well beaten on this day by what was described as chocolate vodka. Yuukh! (it was at this point where Sticks brain melded 2 runs into 1, this run and Sweetbreads run from The Lord Darcy a week later!!) I think that when we got back to the pub the raffle dolly had given up and gone home so no raffle – hooray. And was this the On Inn where we had those delicious sausages. If so well done. I didn’t stick around for the down downs. So ends my script. If anybody bothers to read this and some or all of it is total shite, I don’t give a toss. On On Stick

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