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Run 1273 Sunday 21st January 2007

Hare: Antisocial

The run started and finished at the Brown Cow and was laid by Brett, Fraser (thanks guys) and myself, it took in a meandering circular route through (Brett can you stick the valley name in) (Errr. No!) to Goose Eye, past Tea Pot dam up through the fields ending up on ????(another!) road and then up to an alfresco beer stop hosted by Mandy and Esme on Slaymaker lane (where a interesting version of “singing in the rain” that was a cross between a Maori Hakka and a Hollywood musical big number was performed), we then went over Branshaw golf course and home. The meandering bit was detours to find the “shiggiest” terrain we could. There was a lot of slithering up and down assorted banks and various hands ” pushing and helping” people in ways that outside the hash would be seen as indecent assault! When we reached Goose Eye Rapunzal and Boghopper espied the Turkey and nipped in for a quick pint, they later caught the rest up by crossing fields using a traditional hash technique known as trespass.

Accounting for hashers who turned up late got lost and turned back and those who turned up very late but found their way round anyway and not counting Brett and myself 25 people took part, in an interesting mixture of rain, hail, sleet and sun (we just missed the plague of locusts). The harder the route got the more complimentary of it people became!

After the mass public change in the Brown Cow car park (mmm still not sure about that) there was post hash veg and meat chilli provided by Barry and Carol and the “circle” hosted by the Hash RA (Religious Advisor) Matilda, his job is to give out rewards/punishments based how people behaved during the hash.

Despite our concerns Brett and myself were praised for the shiggiest run for a long time and this was seen as a good thing (take note Keighley), even though not everybody was prepared for the terrain with Wonky Donkey cutting off her trousers at the thigh afterwards so she could go into the pub. We were given a down down each (drinking a pint in one in time to a hash drinking song) and I comfortably beat Brett (wuss). Down downs were also give to John Dennis and his sons Patrick and George (as children they only got lager) and a lady from Sheffield, Sarah, (who turned up ready for a road walk) for completing their first hash (they are now New Boots) and Esme for the beer stop catering. A further down down was then given to a guy whose name I cannot remember and Brett (again) for unhash like behaviour (they tried to wash their legs on route), Brett did much better this time but had to go outside “for some air” and was much quieter for the rest of the afternoon having consumed 2 of his 4 pints in less than a minute.

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