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Run: 1271

Hares: Love Muscle and Rambo

Newsflash: Yorkshire Hash Tipped Over The Edge

In breaking news today YH3 hashed under extreme conditions. They bravely ran on even under the constant threat of seagull bombs, carrier bag booby traps, and noxious gases. Who knew such a brilliant run could come out of such adversity?

The gases overcame two of our courageous hashers, Rivet and Auntie Social, as they forgot they had run up a vertical slag heap already. They decided to do it again, faster. They were awarded extra beer rations in the circle to commemorate their efforts above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank goodness we had air cover from our very own re-named Bomber. We can all sleep better in our beds. Galiant soldiers worth mentioning in dispatches for long service to YH3 are Jake the Peg with 603 runs and Mr RA himself, Matilda with 200 runs. Back from overseas service (Scarborough), was our returnee Pansy. He was welcomed back with open arms and a down down. The secret service contributed admirably after an anonymous phone call to the RA containing coded messages was received. Codebreaker HRT managed to decipher the hidden meaning which was thirsty work and gained her a down down.

Sleeping Bags youth recruitment program is well under way. His appreciation of the Brownies was noted as our dehydrated troops fed and watered (beered) at the beer stop. Comraderie is alive and well in YH3. Bigfoot and Creamy Ring showed great co-operation during a particularly difficult mission. Amazing parts of Bigfoots anatomy were used to assist Creamy in a rapid descent from a high ridge: Medals and down downs all round.

Commander Henry Root summed up troop movements for AGPU. Morale building exercises will begin Friday, 2nd February 2007. 19:30 hours. YH3 Dismissed!

Photo courtesy of FD. Caption: Bullet holes on Run 1271

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