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This is what we did on trail 1222 from the Bay Horse at Meanwood on 13 March with Grope and Black Widow A night for the hardy and foolhardy brought a compact group of the unwise and plain daft Yorkshire hashers to this pub. This hash likes to keep accurate stats, so why not choose an ageing unobservant forgetful old sod for the writeup yet again. Mind you canít blame old Grope too much because heís in pretty much the same category. Didnít prevent him holding us all shivering for a very long rambling brief . Something to do with pink flour and special markings on trees I think, and then just as we got moving the RA called us back for a scribe to be chosen, and I was in line of sight. Luckily Iím a nice chap who likes say positive things about trails, so I can tell you now that the sandwiches and the chips were great, and the beer was very acceptable. The usual front runners were either missing or low on batteries, so we sort of strolled around following Grope and listening to his musings about the invisibility of pink flour on night trails. There were some people checking (well mostly Rambo), and when they gave up the search Black Widow was always there to guide them onto the path of righteousness, from which Wonky almost strayed when a young man leaned out of his car window to have a few words, but steadfast Wonky chose the hash. Loads of shiggy for our two new boots. Mind you one of them, Droopy Drawers, is from Amsterdam where all the hashers are barmy anyway, while the other (whose name escapes me) is an associate of Easy Access Ė need I say more! I never remember trail details so letís move on to the welcome warmth of the ON INN where down downs went to the usual culprits, and a cleaned up edition of the dick head award to Rambo for an inability to distinguish pink flour from green slime. Millions of announcements as usual, none of which I can remember, and a mercifully shortened raffle in which I won a useable prize! Back home for warming whisky and cocoa and reflections on a good Spring trail. Thankyou Grope and Black Widow. On On Stick

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