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Run No 1221- Fink Hill Car Park and THE RAILWAY Rodley, Leeds. Sunday 5th March 2006. Hares: Black Widow and Lick It Up host their RETIREMENT AND SIGNIFICNT BIRTHDAYS CELEBRATORY RUN – HASH SHIT IS DEAD – LONG LIVE HASH SHIT. Problems with finding a pub in Horsforth that would welcome us (Sunday lunches, refusal of free food (Kings Head), dislike of noise (The Fleece) and absent landlady (The Grey Mare) being amongst the excuses) resulted in this run having to set off from a car park on a frosty early March Sunday and decamp to the ever-welcoming Railway at Rodley for the On-Inn. With Blackwidow looking resplendent in the Hash Shit shorts (see events later) and Hare luminous jacket, the trail set off through the ancient streets and ginnels of Horsforth to Low Lane to successfully deceive Weasel and others who believe they know the area into thinking the trail was off through the woods towards Adel. Instead it went down to Horsforth station where tricky check delayed progress ‘til the pack found the route along Sussex Avenue to a footpath across a series of snow dusted fields and round a small copse to Ling Bob Farm and on to Owlet Grange and down a track to Scotland Lane, requiring some piggy-backing over styles and though kissing gates for Stick’s wee granddaughter, Stone Thrower. Immediately opposite, another track led to a path across a small area of rough heather and gorse under the guide lights for Leeds / Bradford airport. Thence to some fields to disturb a large group of riding school horses enjoyed by Headbutt and a deceptive left turn along the wall and into a small wood where Headbutt had an irresistible urge for chest-baring for the benefit of Henry Root, his daughter Carolyn & Lick It Up. This group were well behind the main pack who had progressed alongside Corpus Christie College to the beer stop at the top end of Lee Lane, courtesy of Grope and his big square bright blue people-mobile, enjoyed amongst others by Wheels, Hash Angel, Joan Collins, Matilda, Creamy, Love Muscle & Annie. Concern was expressed about the whereabouts of Wetnix and Stone Thrower who finally wearily appeared when pretty well all the beer (and softies) had been consumed. Next the pack made its way to the top of Hunger Hill for magnificent views over west Leeds and thence down through a housing estate and Hall Park to the Car Park. Into cars and along the Ring Road to The Railway, Rodley for beer, circle and ceremonial burning, of which more later. At the pub drinks and excellent pie & mushy peas were also enjoyed by all, including Laddrman, 3rd Rung and Down Downers Longhose, Shaggy (showing off his grazed knee), Black Bush (showing off her Engagement Ring (cf Shaggy, in case you don’t know)), Wetnix, New Boots Carolyn, Ginger, Pints and the Landlord for his excellent welcome at short notice. The gathering were then invited by the RA to move out to the courtyard where our Venerable RA proceeded to carry out a serious ceremony, known historically as “Burning the Hash Shit” (Union Jack Shorts, Tiny Penis T-Shirt, but thankfully NOT the Buzzing Flat Cap). He proceeded to warm his tiny little mitts on the lusty flames. I think this ceremony was simply due to him feeling cold on this un-seasonally chill March day. This event was toasted in beer by the Wingman. Finally, back into the pub for the raffle, winners including Boggy (Haggis Bash XI vest – do I detect a “fix”?), Magnum & Twilight (something possibly alcoholic in a jam jar) and the star prize, Irish Mist Liqueur, to the betrothed couple (?another fix?). What a good celebratory run, though I say it myself! Lick It Up 12jan07. Hash Shit is Dead – Long Live Hash Shit.

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