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Saturday 28th January AGPU Run 1214 “We go up, we go down” The Hash goes round and round. As the Hash gathered in the foyer we learned that the coach driver, Bob, was a hasher called “Magoo”, a perfect start to what was to be a perfect day! Oops, spoke too soon – we set off only to realise we had left behind our new GM, FD/Lick it Up. LTTL , in true East Lancs fashion, had started with a beer. A short ride of about 20mins took us to Pendle Witch Country and the start of the run half way up the Nick-o-Pendle. The hares had a ritual down down from a can of cold lager and we then headed off uphill with Shaggy Plug leading the way with local knowledge. First check Shaggy went the wrong way, but managed to catch the pack by cutting across Pendle Hill. The views and weather were superb as we headed towards the Forest and the Reservoir where Shaggy found the first of two tunnels which he and Shaggy Baby flew through like Accrington Ferrets. We continued down through the woods and over the river and came to the beer stop. To reach it we had to negotiate the river and climb up the banking causing distress to Dark Horse, who had his new, expensive shell suit on, which was not really suitable for a hash!!! After about 20 minutes at the stop we realised we had lost VAT69 and Heroin, even though it was a straight run in. After sounding the horn they managed to find their way to the beer stop. The ON ON was called and the run split into “WIMPS” and “RAMBOS” – wimps heading straight to the pub and rambos going through river, mud and up and down hills. Shaggy found another tunnel that came out into a 3 foot deep pool of icy water followed by Sleeping Bag. The pack then climbed up the near vertical hillside and onto the ridge and check, where half the pack went down the wrong side of the hill. As we stumbled our way through the woods we arrived at the check at the roadside where Wheels and a few other hashers started to wave at all the cars going by. FD emerged with a 10 foot branch from a tree, thinking she was “Little John”. The pack then headed down the hillside and along the road to the river to wash our boots before going into the “Pendle Witch Pub” where we had a chance to sample the local beer and do a few down downs. Magnum – ex RA, VAT 69 & Heroin – trying to get a job as extras in the next series of LOST, Dark horse – Shell suit, and Twilight – for being Twilight. As we left the pub after entertaining the locals, F D took her 10 foot staff on the coach. As we negotiated the exit we tried to take out the wall next to the pub, but only left them some paintwork from the coach. After a sing-a-long on the way back more down downs were had at the hotel!! Looking forward to next years run. A great day thanks to LTTL and Eveready. ON ON , Shaggy Plug

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