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RUN No 1211 - THE HIGHWOOD, Brackenwood, Leeds 8th January 2006 Hares Lick It Up and Lucy (aka HQ – see below) This run was intended as a training run for Virgin Hare, Lucy. It started well and then……..????!!!. The trail made it’s way rapidly across Lidgett Lane and successfully though the posh Roundhay housing with several tricky checks – emerging at Soldiers Fields on Roundhay Park – most of the pack made it across to Princes Avenue and some on to Park Avenue on the far side but thereafter the trail descended into farce with the pack distributed all over Roundhay. This experienced Hare (of more than half a century trails practice) failed to consider the non-ease of following flour in the dark across the middle of large grassy fields. A small group was gathered up by the Hares and directed back to the correct trail which proceeded along Fitzroy Drive and Gledhow Road, down into Gledhow Valley Woods & thence back through Brackenwood Estate to the pub – where amazingly most of the rest of the pack had already arrived having found their own way back. Some lesson! At the pub an excellent selection of chips, sarnies and nibbles was enjoyed by (at least) Matilda, Rapunzel, Candy, Heroin, Darkhorse, Bomber, Bookend, Vat 69, Jake, Bigfoot, Flossie, Owl, Wonky, Creamy and the following recipients of Down Downs, the Hares, New Boots: Heroin’s friend Sam (don’t think we’ve seen her since!), Weasel (something to do with being called Graham Wilson), Wheeless Wheels (broken), Rambo for his Power Torch causing helicopter crashes, the Landlord and recipients of star prizes, Pints (large 2006 Desk Diary) and Stick Whisky and suspicious tool (see photo). Finally our Virgin Hare Lucy was rewarded with a naming – in honour of her highly fashionable outfit for the Ritz Stretch Limo Rock ‘n Roll Night – she became Hairy Quant (I don’t think she has been seen on a trail since – Oh Dear). Lick It Up – 14/01/07.

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