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The Halloween Run 30 October 2005. Kings Arms at Sutton. Hare Lick-it-up As always a magnificent welcome from our hosts Sue and Steve. Spoilt by the strange pack of marauding demons dressed in strange interpretations of seasons end. Magnum looked his usual self, albeit slightly flushed at times, with vigourous pumping of his fluid filled bulb…. The mad hare (is it March already?) led us off, as usual, but through some new countryside witch she must have magicked. Never been there before? And, strangely, when we returned, 7 years had passed (or it seemed like it-far too long since we had a drink). The trail weaved through fairyland, initially in some very inclement weather. Most missed the first beerstop, including the bottleopener carrier. But we coped magnificently. The second beerstop included some fine fruit salad, embedded in mulled wine with mars bar dips (such cuisine!). And was accompanied by a bombardment of aeriel fireworks, let off under a low tree. The Health and Safety risk assessment was fine though, as the assessor was soon put out. And the sun shone in a dappled way through the changing trees. Yellow and red and brown and blue…. All together now –aaaaaaah. On our return we drank to the pyromaniac hare, to Tommy the tripper, Lovemuscle and Shaggy Plug, and happy sausage –for reasons witch escape us. But Henry and Ginger were welcomed after their long walk from the station. So, another successful venture into the faery realm inhabited by lick-it-up. Well done to all who survived Tight Fit

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