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Run no 1182: The White Beare Norwood Green. Independence Day Run, 4th July 2005 By Lick It Up Hares Boghopper & Pints A small select group of Hashers gathered in the White Beare car park at approximately 19.30 hours to see our Hares stagger in from laying the trail. The only token to 4th July was Hash Angel sporting an enormous Stars & Stripes. Two New Boots, Yannick and son Lucien, had arrived to see what it is all about Yannick, having done the recent Beckett Park Womens Fun Run (OK not PC but you Ms have had the world to yourselves for long enough) and joined the party at Chez Lick-It-Up and professed herself intrigued by her fellow party-goers and wanting to see more. Of the 16 Isle O Wighters only Jake & Lick-It-Up had survived sufficiently to make the trail. The afore-mentioned soon wondered if the IoW disease (Hare lost on Trail resulting in the naming of Gormless) had found its way to Yorkshire as Pints succeeded in completely losing the trial and sending us on several Wild Goose Chases before we regained flour. The early part of the trail seemed to go though several gardens Ive never seen such a well manicured trail however, we did eventually come out at top end of the village and make our way into Judy woods where again trail finding posed some problems greatly enjoyed by Lucien who had struck up a friendship with Half Pints and was shouting On-On like a trooper. Pints deflected the pack from the horsey field (they looked a bit threatening) and we made a slightly more circuitous way back to village & pub to find Timmy Taylors and a good selection of sandwiches. Down Downs went to the New Boots, to the Hares, to Half Pints (with help of Dad) for disrespect to the Grand Mattress (who had simply intended to swipe a full glass of Timmies on to the floor), to GM herself for total confusion about when Jake had received his DD for failure to attend the Summer Solstice Run, to returnee Screacher, to Pints again for confusing her pack and to Sleeping Bag who willingly agreed that he should keep the Dick Head Award since he had lost it during several months of hibernation. In the absence of Raffle Dolly, we once again we found ourselves having to improvise with hand-fashioned raffle tickets, courtesy of Creamy Ring, and raffle prizes donated by Netto, Creamy Ring, HRT and the IoW minibus. The plastic flowers may well find their way into the Dick Head outfit, the soap & frog into LIUs bathroom, the three-pack of Boddies won by Half Pints to ????? and the four-pack appropriately back to Jake from the minibus, whilst Hash Angel seemed keen to deposit a small dog (accompanied by late-comer Clare, erstwhile virgin Omani hasher) into the cloth bag shed won. Other worthy members of the pack were Owl, Rambo & Heroin.

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