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Run 1170

The Grove, Holbeck, Leeds

11 April 2005

Hares: Butt Butter and No Name Tom

Had a most pleasant bike ride into town although the usual confusion about how to actually get to the pub meant that I came at the place from a completely illogical angle. An unusually large and enthusiastic pack had been assembled for quite a while and we trooped outside to be treated to a lengthy explanation of Chicago markings written on the ground in chalk.

Im not sure the explanations were completely necessary as the best way to follow the trail appeared to be to try to keep up with the hare. A loop round the back of LA Bowl took us down to the canal and through Granary Wharf and on into town. The hare had promised us hed put 30 behind the bar at the beer stop and he was as good as his word at Whitelocks.

Anti Social had unwisely seen fit to wear a suspiciously new looking pair of trainers and given his habit of disappearing after the run he was prevailed upon to do a Down Down out of one of his new boots following a short scuffle with the RA. The way back involved an Eagle and a Turkey trail (a short cut in Yorkshire markings) and it was back for the usual pie and peas.

Down Downs went as follows:

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