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Run 1167 – The Station – Crigglestone. Just as I was watching David Frost interviewing Condeleesa Rice and waiting for him to ask her the essential question – Conda, are you bonking Bushy, then the call came up from Flossie – turn the telly off Evers, we’re gonna be late for the Hash. As it was we got there with 15 mins to spare and caught some typical Hash drivel before the run started. For example, Henry Root knew what an R.A. did, but didn’t know what it stood for – Wheel soon explained – right arsehole. Mandy Magoo turned up with 4 dogs and LTTL and Dark Horse tried to extort £12 out of Tommy – wouldn’t even let the puppy run for £1 – our Chancellor is turning into the Iron Chancellor – more about that later. It was Wheels birthday – the big 61 – and after getting the bums rush from 2 pubs in the local vicininty it was on-on from the Station. Brilliant weather, no wind from mother nature, but plenty of it from the hashers. Today grown ups were almost out numbered by dogs and kids so it made for an interesting up hill start to the main road, and then downhill into the shaggier regions of Crigglestone. Wheels had some unusual markings and after 800 plus runs Weasel tried to tell Wheels how to lay a trail – the R.A. nearly got him, but found someone grumpier later and did the usual to him in the circle. Talking of the R.A. me and LTTL and a couple of other hashers followed him up a hill, past a footie pitch and other places of note and ended up adding a mile to the trail. Wheels laid a great trail in lovely spring like weather and then it was back to the pub for butties and down downs. There was a young stunner behind the bar – I said to Shaggy – I think Shaggy Baby’s fell in love to which Shaggy replied – I think Shaggy Daddy has as well. Matilda started the down downs on his debut, but got cuckooed by Full Moon Generalisimo, F.D who introduced him to the crowd and gave him a down down. Matilda then gave the outgoing R.A.s one in the best possible taste, Ever Ready and Shaggy Plug. H.Root got done for not knowing what an R.A. stood for and for having such a lovely daughter – we nearly got our first DNA test in the circle. The kiddies were introduced and had a pop down down race. Then it was onto the raffle where the usual range of stunning prizes were won and lost – actually some good prizes – Shaggy won a WWF wrestling shirt and I think it was F.D. who carried off the top shelf, but it was all getting a bit hazy by then. On-on Ever Ready.

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