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111 July 1981Winning Post, AlneCharles Payne/Noreen Caine
226 July 1981New Inn, ScarcroftMartyn Dalby/Tony Dalby
316 August 1981Yew Tree, OtleyCharles Payne
406 September 1981Brown Cow, Temple NewsamJohn and Jean Armitage
520 September 1981Shoulder of Mutton, Kirkby OverblowMartyn and Charles
604 October 1981New Inn, Scarcroft
725 October 1981GoldsboroughNigel Moss
815 November 1981Royalty, Otley ChevinCharles Payne
929 November 1981Colton Sports Club, WhitkirkGerald
1013 December 1981Black Swan, Barwick-in-ElmetRoger Parr
1101 January 1982Old Oak Tree, BramleyJohn Armitage
1217 January 1982Red Lion, ShadwellPhil Quinby
1307 February 1982Scotts Arms, SicklinghallTony Dalby
1421 February 1982Mexborough Arms, ThornerGerald
1507 March 1982Timble Inn, TimbleCharles Payne
1621 March 1982New Inn, EccupSteve Cooper
1704 April 1982New Inn, ScarcroftPaul Rayner
1818 April 1982Old Leos Cricket Club, AlwoodleyRoger Parr
1909 May 1982Broadway Inn, MiddletonJohn Armitage
2023 May 1982Queens Arms, Harrogate RoadPhil Quinby
2106 June 1982Clapgate Inn, SicklinghallGerald
2227 June 1982Lascelles Arms, Follifoot
09 July 1982First Away Weekend
10 July 1982Reunion with Cambridge
11 July 1982Winning Post, Alne
2315 August 1982Cow and Calf, IlkleyCharles Payne
2412 September 1982Golden Acre Park, LawnswoodStevie (Wonder) Cooper
2526 September 1982Meanwood Valley TrailJohn Armitage
2610 October 1982Fox and Hounds, HorsforthPaul Rayner
2724 October 1982Myrtle, MeanwoodPeter PJ
2807 November 1982George and Dragon, CalverleyJohn Armitage
2921 November 1982Windmill, LintonPhil Quinby
3005 December 1982Valley GardensCharles Payne
3119 December 1982New Inn, ScarcroftNigel Moss
3209 January 1983Car Park Parish Church, OtleyStevie (Wonder) Cooper
3323 January 1983Whafedale, ArthingtonPaul Rayner
3406 February 1983Kirkstall Abbey?PJ
3520 February 1983Calverley WoodsJohn Armitage
3606 March 1983Black Horse Farm, AberfordPhil Quinby
3720 March 1983Sun Inn, FewstonCharles Payne
3817 April 1983Clapgate Inn, SicklinghallNigel Moss
38a01 May 1983Leeds Fun RunJohn Armitage
3922 May 1983Woodside Tavern, HorsforthPaul Rayner
4005 June 1983Westbourne Hotel, OtleyStevie (Wonder) Cooper
4119 June 1983Temple Newsome HouseJohn Armitage
4203 July 1983Mansion, Rounday ParkPJ
4317 July 1983New Inn, ScarcroftPhil Quinby
4431 Juy 1983Almscliffe Crag, North RigtonCharles Payne
4514 August 1983Bolton AbbeyNigel Moss
4604 September 1983Lotherton Hall, AberfordPaul Black
4718 September 1983Old Ball, HorsforthPaul Rayner
4802 October 1983Parkway, LawnswoodMark Howes
4916 October 1983Alwoodley Cricket ClubJohn Armitage
5006 November 1983Chez PJPJ
5120 November 1983Sandybanks Garden Centre, BingleyPhil Quinby
5204 December 1983Royalty, Otley ChevinCharles Payne
5318 December 1983New Inn, ScarcroftNigel Moss
5408 January 1984Meanwood, Meanwood(1) Wheels
5522 January 1984Ledston Park, MicklefieldDick Lindsay
5605 February 1984Bishops Wood, Near SelbyPaul Black
5719 February 1984Emmot Arms, RawdonPaul Rayner
5804 March 1984Mexborough Arms, ThornerMark Howes
5918 March 1984Lascelles Arms, FollifootJohn Armitage
6001 April 1984Mansion, Rounday ParkSimon Varley
6115 April 1984Market Square, OtleyCharles Payne
6229 April 1984Broadway, Dewsbury RoadJohn Armitage
6315 May 1984Beulah, TongPhil Quinby
6429 May 1984Cow and Calf, IlkleyCaine and Bomber
6510 June 1984Almscliffe Crag, North RigtonNigel Moss
6624 June 1984New Inn, EccupWheels
6708 July 1984Black Horse, AsquithBrian Greenhalgh
6813/15 July 1984Dubcote Barn, Horton in RibblesdalePJ
6922 July 1984Wharfedale, ArthingtonLeale
7005 August 1984Myrtle, MeanwoodPJ
7119 August 1984Sandybanks Garden Centre, BingleyPhil Quinby
7202 September 1984Bishops Wood, Near SelbyPaul Black
7316 September 1984Malt Shovel, Burley in WharfedaleCharles Payne
7430 September 1984Dick Hudsons, EldwickBrian Greenhalgh
7514 October 1984Bridge Inn, HorsforthMark Howes
7628 October 1984Boston Diner, HeadingleyPaul Rayner
7711 November 1984Dob Park, Near FewstonCheekie and Grey Rabbit
7825 November 1984Fox and Hounds, HorsforthCaine and Bomber
7909 December 1984Black Swan, Barwick-in-ElmetNigel Moss
8023 December 1984Railway Inn, RodleyWheels
8106 January 1985Mansion, Rounday ParkPJ
8220 January 1985Scotts Arms, SicklinghallLegal
8303 February 1985Malt Shovel, Burley in WharfedaleCharles Payne
8417 February 1985Old Hall Golfcourse CalverleyPaul Rayner
8503 March 1985Spacey Houses, PannalPaul Rayner
8617 March 1985Dynley Arms, Pool BankBiggles
8731 March 1985Harewood Village Club, HarewoodMark Howes
8814 April 1985New Inn, EccupGray Rabbit
8928 April 1985Dick Hudsons, EldwickToga O'Neill
9012 May 1985Cow and Calf, IlkleyCaine and Bomber
9126 May 1985Scotts Arms, SicklinghallBlunder
9209 June 1985New Miller Dam, WakefieldWheels
9301 July 1985New Inn, EccupGrey Rabbit
9423 June 1985Royalty, Otley ChevinPJ
9507 July 1985Railway, CalverleyCoun, Martin and Geoff
9615 July 1985Red Lion, Burley in WharfedaleToga O'Neill
9721 July 1985Scotts Arms, SicklinghallBeagle
9829 July 1985Myrtle, MeanwoodPJ
9904 August 1985The Owl, RodleyColin Higham
10012 August 1985Commercial Inn, EsholtNookie and Albeano
10118 August 1985Lindley Fish Farm, near OtleyCharles Payne
10227 August 1985Bingley Arms, BardseyBigal and Terrymunda
10301 September 1985Black Bull, HorsforthCaine and Bomber
10408 September 1985Riverside Hotel, IlkleySquidge and Moron
10515 September 1985Swan, AberfordPaul Rayner
10628 September 1985100 Hash Weekend
10729 September 1985Rudding House FarmPJ
10806 October 1985Almscliffe Crag, North RigtonCheekie
10913 October 1985Cock Inn, BirdwellPsycho and Gordon
11020 October 1985Fox and Hounds, BramhopeCheekie and Grey Rabbit
11127 October 1985Old White Bear, Norwood GreenMark Howes
11231 October 1985Cow and Calf, IlkleyToga
11310 November 1985Bridge Inn, KirkstallWheels
11417 November 1985The Run that Never Was
11524 November 1985High Farm, Holt ParkBiggles
11608 December 1985Fox, ThornerStevie Wonder
11722 December 1985Bridge Inn, KirkstallWheels and Ian J
11805 January 1986Boston Diner, HeadingleyPJ
11919 January 1986Shoulder of Mutton, Kirkby OverblowLeagle
12002 February 1986Packhorse, Hebden BridgeThe Jacksons
12116 February 1986Arthington BankMoron
12202 March 1986Westbourne Hotel, OtleyCharles Payne
12316 March 1986Stump Cross, HalifaxInkspot
12407 April 1986Wharfedale, ArthingtonGrey Rabbit
12513 April 1986Cow and Calf, IlkleyMichael Caine
12621 April 1986Station Fisheries, HorsforthWheels and Biggles
12728 April 1986Bay Horse, OtleyCharles Payne
12806 May 1986Bay Horse, OtleyRabbit/Moron
12911 May 1986Timble Inn, TimblePJ
13019 May 1986Ben Rhydding Sports ClubSquidge and Co
13125 May 1986Scotts Arms, SicklinghallLeagle
13202 June 1986New Inn, HeadingleyPaul Rayner
13311 June 1986Middleton ParkMark and Erica
13416 June 1986The Regent, GuiseleyAlbino
13522 June 1986Chez the Jacksons, SlacktopThe Jacksons
13630 June 1986The Railway, RodleyColin and Martin
13706 July 1986Duke of Wellington, East KeswickStevie Wonder and Legal Beagle
13812/13 July 1986GoathlandPJ and Mojo and Legal Beagle
13921 July 1986Royalty, Otley ChevinCheekie and Squidge
14027 July 1986Chez the Grays CastleyCheekie and Rabbit
14104 August 1986Brown Cow, Selby RoadPJ
14210 August 1986The Pear Tree, Norwood GreenInkspot
14318 August 1986The Hermit, Burley WoodheadToga and Charles Payne
14425 August 1986New Inn, EccupGrey Rabbit
14501 September 1986The Owl, RodleyMartin and Geoff and Colin
14607 September 1986Marquis of Granby, KnaresboroughKipper
14713 September 1986Fox and Hounds, HorsforthBomber and Caine
14821 September 1986The Fountaine, Linton nr GrassingtonJef and Colin and Martin
14929 September 1986Fox and Hounds, BramhopeRabbit
15005 October 1986Myrtle, MeanwoodPJ
15119 October 1986Chez Paul and Miranda, LeedsPaul Rayner
15202 November 1986Riverside Pub, IlkleyMoon and Grey Rabbit
15316 November 1986Scotts Arms, SicklinghallLeagle and Stevie Wonder
15430 November 1986New Inn, ScarcroftLeagle and Stevie Wonder
15514 December 1986Red Rooster, BrookfootCharles Payne
15621 December 1986Railway Inn, RodleyWheels and Biggles
15711 January 1987Timble Inn, TimbleMoron and Grey Rabbit
15825 January 1987The Sportsmans, Hebden BridgeThe Jacksons
15908 February 1987Red Lion, BurnsallCharles Payne
16022 February 1987Chez KipperKipper
16108 March 1987Railway Inn, RodleyMichael Caine
16222 March 1987Old White Bear, Norwood GreenInkspot
16330 March 1987Platform 1, Pannal Ash StationKnightrider
16405 April 1987The Greyhound, SaxtonSooty
16513 April 1987New Inn, EccupWheels
16619 April 1987Bingley Arms, BardseyTin Tin and Graham
16727 April 1987The Grove, LeedsKipper
16803 May 1987Red Lion, ShadwellStevie Wonder
16911 May 1987Bridge Inn, KirkstallWheels
17017 May 1987Colliers Arms, EllandInkspot
17126 May 1987Gaping Goose, GarforthKipper
17231 Mat 1987Roundhay ParkYTV 10K
17307 June 1987White Swan, WighillLegal Beagle
17414 June 1987The Star, CollinghamSooty
17521 June 1987The Squinting Cat, Pannal AshKnightrider
17628 June 1987Hawksworth Riding SchoolMichael Caine
17705 July 1987The Mansion, Roundhay ParkPaul Rayner and Stevie Wonder
17811 July 1987GoathlandLegal and PJ
17919 July 1987Beulah, TongPJ
18012 July 1987GoathlandKipper
18126 July 1987Rose of York, BatleyKipper
18202 August 1987The Lawnswood, Holt ParkNoddy/Caine
18309 August 1987Chez SootySooty
18416 August 1987Stubbings Wharf, Hebden BridgeThe Jacksons
18523 August 1987Chez InkspotInkspot
18606 September 1987Windmill, LintonStevie Wonder
18713 September 1987Wellington, DarleyMojo
18820 September 1987Dynelly Arms, PooleKipper
18927 September 1987Sun Inn, FewstonKnightrider
19004 October 1987Gaping Goose, GarforthWheels and Kipper
19111 October 1987Beehive, ThornerStevie Wonder and Upchuck
19218 October 1987Meanwood Hotel, MeanwoodWheels and Biggles
19325 October 1987Admiral Hawke, Boston SpaNoddy and Knightrider
19401 November 1987Castle Hill, HuddersfiedInkspot
19508 November 1987Half Moon, PoolGrey Rabbit
19622 November 1987Fox and Hounds, HorsforthMichael Caine
19706 December 1987The Sportsmans Blackshaw HeadThe Jacksons
19820 December 1987Black Horse, CliftonDipso and PJ
19903 January 1988Marygate Car ParkKipper
20016 January 1988Listers Arms, MalhamMojo
20117 January 1988Listers Arms, MalhamMojo
20231 January 1988Hunters Inn, PooleGrey Rabbit
20314 February 1988Queens Hotel, EsholtDark Horse and 2LL's
20428 February 1988Old White Bear, Norwood GreenInkspot
20513 March 1988The Westbourne, OtleyKipper
20627 March 1988The Old Bridge, IlkleyGrey Rabbit
20704 April 1988Fox and Hounds, BramhopeGrey Rabbit and Moron
20810 April 1988Red Lion, BramhamSooty
20918 April 1988Abbey, KirkstallMojo
21024 April 1988The Star, East KeswickNoddy and Caine
21102 May 1988Black Swan, Burn BridgeKnightrider and Aardark
21208 May 1988Brown Cow, Moselden HeightInkspot
21309 May 1988The Junction, Hunslet2LL's and Dark Horse
21415 May 1988The Railway, RodleyTintin and Colin
21531 May 1988Platform 1, Pannal Ash StationKipper
21605 June 1988The Windmill, LintonWonder and Beagle and Upchuck
21713 June 1988Station Fisheries, HorsforthWheels and Biggles
21819 June 1988New Inn, EccupJoan and Caroline
21927 June 1988The Regent, Chapel AllertonMojo
22003 July 1988Packhorse, Woodhouse2LL's and 2TT's
22111 July 1988Bay Horse, OtleyMagnum and Maggot
22210 September 1988Wilton Lodge, Bishop WiltonInkspot and PJ and Kipper
22317 July 1988Roundhill, Fixby, HuddersfieldInkspot
22423 July 1988Nether Wasdale, CumbriaLegal andPJ and Mojo
22524 July 1988Nether Wasdale, CumbriaLegal and PJ and Mojo
22631 July 1988Chez SootySooty
22708 August 1988The Junction, OtleyCharles Payne
22814 August 1988Abbey, KirkstallMojo
22922 August 1988Red Lion, ShadwellCJ and Gus
23028 August 1988Arabian Horse, AberfordToy Boy and Deborah
23105 September 1988The Grove, Holbeck2LL's
23211 September 1988Wilton Lodge, Bishop WiltonKipper
23319 September 1988Coach and Horses, HarrogateKnightrider
23425 September 1988Oliver Twist, NottonWheels and Biggles and Bernie
23503 October 1988Bankhouse Inn, PudseyMagnum and Maggot
23609 October 1988Black Horse, CliftonPJ
23717 October 1988Duck and Drake, LeedsMojo
23823 October 1988Dusty Miller, HipperholmeInkspot and Poodle Allison
23931 October 1988Penny Fun, MoortownDark Horse and 2LL's
24006 November 1988Cow and Calf, IlkleyNoddy and Caine
24114 November 1988The Groves, KnaresboroughStevie Wonder and Regina
24220 November 1988Big Six, Halifax2LL's
24328 November 1988New Inn, HeadingleyKipper and 2TT's
24404 December 1988Bankhouse Inn, Pudsey2LL's and Dracula
24512 December 1988White Stag, SheepscarMojo
24618 December 1988Bridge Inn, KirkstallMagnum and Maggot
24726 December 1988The Abbey, HorsforthMojo
24801 January 1989Spreadeagle, YorkKipper and John Dodge
24909 January 1989Mansion, Rounday ParkPostman and Mojo
25014 January 1989WhitbyJohn Dodgem
25115 January 1989GoathlandMojo
25223 January 1989Rodley Barge, RodleyMojo
25329 January 1989Blue Pig, FagleyPostman and CJ
25406 January 1989Oddfellows, PudseyWheels
25512 February 1989The Alma, Ripon2LL's
25620 February 1989Adriatic Hotel, ChapeltownD/Horse and 2LL's
25726 February 1989Old Glenhouse, Shipley GlenMagnum and Maggot
25806 March 1989Gardeners Arms, Bilton, HarrogateKnightrider and Kipper
25912 March 1989New Inn, Outlane, HuddersfieldInkspot
26020 March 1989The Needless, MorleyMagnum and Maggot
26126 March 1989Nelson Arms, Shaw MillsKipper/Doolittle
26203 April 1989Abey Inn, Bramley2LL's
26309 April 1989Gasgoine Arms, Barwick in ElmettPostman
26417 April 1989Old Leos, MoortownMojo and Orifice and Toyboy
26523 April 1989The Prospect, DarleyWonder and Doolittle
26601 May 1989The Rock, GlasshoughtonMojo
26707 May 1989Old Ball, HorsforthCaine and 2TT's
26815 May 1989The Hermit, Burley WoodheadDoolittle and Kipper
26920 May 1989Coquetvale Hotel, RothburyCJ
27021 May 1989Coquetvale Hotel, RothburyMojo
27129 May 1989Fountainhead, HalifaxPJ
27204 June 1989Sun Inn, FewstonClark Kent and Darkhorse
27312 June 1989George and Dragon, Apperley BridgeMagnum and Maggot
27418 June 1989Castle Hill, HuddersfiedInkspot
27526 June 1989Gardeners Arms, Hunslet2LL's
27602 July 1989Nags Head, Chapel AllertonDark Horse and Upchuck
27710 July 1989Chequers, LedshamMojo
27816 July 1989Fox and Hounds, New MillerdamWheels
27924 July 1989The Fox, ThornerKipper and Doolittle
28030 July 1989The PJ's HouseDipso and PJ
28107 August 1989Travellers Rest, CrimpleMojo and Gus
28213 August 1989Half Moon, FellbeckMagnum and Mojo
28321 August 1989Shoulder of Mutton, Baildon MoorDracula and Pink Panther
28404 September 1989The Chemic, WoodhouseGus and Mojo
28510 September 1989The Turkey, Goose EyeKipper and Doolittle
28618 September 1989Shoulder of Mutton, Kirkby OverblowKnightrider
28724 September 1989The Jacksons' HouseThe Jacksons
28802 October 1989The Ram's Revenge, BradfordRight Shoes
28908 October 1989Smiths Arms, BeckwithshawMagnum and Maggot
29016 October 1989Big Six, Halifax2LL's
29122 October 1989The Gray's HouseGray Rabbit
29230 October 1989The Highlander, Burley RoadMagnum and Clark Kent
29305 November 1989Ferry Inn, CawoodDark Horse and Doolittle
29413 November 1989Ilkley Moor VaultsGray Rabbit
29519 November 1989Travellers Rest, Upper Hopton, MirfieldInkspot and Poodle
29627 November 1989The Highlander, Burley RoadMojo
29703 December 1989Abbey DashAbbey Runners
29811 December 1989The Shears Inn, HalifaxInkspot
29919 December 1989WhitelocksPostman and CJ
30026 December 1989AbbeyMojo and Val
30130 December 1989Chequers, LedshamMojo
30207 January 1990Swan, AberfordGus and Postman
30315 January 1989Hark to Rover, Spen LaneWheels and Dark Horse
30420 January 1990Grey Walls, WindermereMojo
30521 January 1990Grey Walls, WindermereMojo
30629 January 1990Fox, Holgate Road, YorkKipper
30704 February 1990Crossroads, Near Keighley2LL's and Pussyfoot
30812 February 1990Craven Heifer, OdsalDracula and Bride
30918 February 1990Royalty, Otley ChevinNoddy and Clark Kent
31026 February 1990Wheatley Hotel, Ben RhyddingCaine and Zippy
31104 March 1990Unicorn, Carlton, RothwellWheels and Doolittle
31211 March 1990Cattlemarket Tavern, BeverleyLog Jam
31318 March 1990Old White Bear, Norwood GreenInkspot and Poodle
31426 March 1990Clothiers, YeadonMagnum and Maggot
31501 April 1990Hare and Hounds, West ArdsleyDoolittle and Dark Horse
31609 April 1990Valley Inn, DrighlingtonPostman
31715 April 1990Royal Oak, Dacre BanksZippy and Kipper
31823 April 1990Kings Arms, Holbeck2LL's and Dracula
31929 April 1990Leo'sMojo
32007 May 1990Crown, MaltonMojo and Kipper
32113 May 1990Queens Head, KettlesingMagnum and Maggot
32221 May 1990Prospect, BradfordWheels
32327 May 1990Hare and Hounds, LothersdaleMojo and Val
32404 June 1990The Wharfedale, ArthingtonDark Horse and Doolittle
32510 June 1990Shibden Mill Inn, HalifaxDJ and CJ
32618 June 1990Old Post Office, Junction 38, M1Inkspot
32724 June 1990Fisherman's, BingleyMagnum and Maggot
32802 July 1990Dog and Gun, CalverleyPostman, Rastus, Nan?
32908 July 1990Guy Fawkes, Scotton3L's
33016 July 1990Regent Hotel, DoncasterMarbles
33122 July 1990Malt Shovel, HardenPostman
33230 July 1990Radcliffe Arms, FollifootKnightrider and Stevie Wonder
33305 August 1990Half Moon, KnaresboroughDoolittle and Dark Horse
33413 August 1990Bay Horse, East ArdsleyMagnum and Maggot
33519 August 1990Black Horse, AsquithCaine and Zippy
336A24 August 1990Cowgate, EdinburghWheels and Dickie
336B26 August 1990Abbey, KirkstallCaine and Zippy
33702 September 1990Beaulah, Tong2LL's and Pussyfoot
33810 September 1990Square and Compass, North RigtonGray Rabbit
33916 September 1990White Horse, EmleyWheels
34024 September 1990Scotts Arms, SicklinghallLegal and Pussyfoot
34130 September 1990Cock Inn, BirdwellPsycho and Marbles
34208 October 1990Mabgate, LeedsMojo
34314 October 1990Timble Inn, TimbleWonder and Wheels
34422 October 1990The Junction, OtleyGray Rabbit
34528 October 1990Rock Inn, Leeds2TTs and Jacko
34605 November 1990Leo'sMojo and Wheels
34711 November 1990Little Bull, MiddlestownMagnum and Maggot
34819 November 1990Golden Lion, ArmleyDoolittle and Dark Horse
34925 November 1990Delvers Wainstalls, Nr HalifaxInkspot and Poodle and Sile?
35002 December 1990Abbey Dash/BrookfieldMojo
35103 December 1990Skinners ArmsMojo
351A09 December 1990Cherry Tree, High HoylandMarbles
35217 December 1990The Roundhay, LeedsPostman
35323 December 1990Brown Cow, WhitkirkMarbles
35426 December 1990Abbey Inn, KirkstallMojo
35529 December 1990Hare and Hounds, Stutton, TadcasterMojo
35607 January 1991Old Ball, HorsforthCaine and Zippy
35713 January 1991Travellers Rest, Denby DaleWheels
35819 January 1991Alison ParkMarbles and Noddy
35920 January 1991Hotel, BuxtonMojo
36027 January 1991New Inn, EccupMilton and ??
36104 February 1991Fenton, LeedsC J Weak?
36210 February 1991Mansion, Rounday ParkMarbles and Noddy
36318 February 1991The Albert, YeadonGray Rabbit
36424 February 1991Plough, WarmfieldMagnum and Maggot
36504 March 1991Jacobs Well, BradfordWheels and Dickline?
36610 March 1991Commercial, ChurwellPostman
36718 March 1991Bridge Inn, Leeds (Lower Briggate)PJ and Dipso
36824 March 1991Fleece, AddinghamMagnum and Maggot
36901 April 1991Fox and Hounds, BramhopeGray Rabbit
37007 April 1991Catchpenny, FitzwilliamWheels and Doolittle
37115 April 1991New Inn, CalverleyMojo and Ras?
37221 April 1991Bishopswood, SherburnMarbles and Noddy
37329 April 1991Bay Horse, BaildonClark Kent and Postman
37405 May 1991Wills O Nats, MelthamDark Horse and Doolittle
37513 May 1991Half Moon, BramhopeGray Rabbit
37619 May 1991Abbey InnCJ and Legal
37727 May 1991Nelson Arms, Shaw MillsMojo
37802 June 1991Bridgfield, LeedsRambo
37910 June 1991White Bear, DarringtonWheels and Marbles
38016 June 1991New Inn, Outlane, HuddersfieldInkspot
38124 June 1991Red Lion, BramhamMagnum and Abb Ber?
38230 June 1991Royal, HalifaxPints and Boghop
38308 July 1991Myrtle, MeanwoodPJ and Dipso
38414 July 1991White Lion, Heptonstall3L's and Puss
38522 July 1991White Cross, GuiseleyKnightrider and Bluebottle
38628 July 1991Three Horseshoes, LeedsMilton O Bote and Anne
38705 August 1991Chevin Inn, OtleyGray Rabbit
38811 August 1991Travellers, Chapeltown, SheffieldPsyco and Hustler
38919 August 1991Poly, Beckets ParkMarbles
39002 September 1991New Inn, CalverleyMojo and Rastus
39108 September 1991Chapel Allerton Squash ClubGus and 3L's
39216 September 1991Blue Bell, WentbridgeWheels and Marbles
39322 September 1991Blands Arms, MicklefieldMagnum and Maggot
39430 September 1991Needless, MorleyPostman Pat
39506 October 1991Malt Shovel, HardenLana and Mr Happy and Postman Pat
39614 October 1991City of Mabgate, LeedsMojo
39720 October 1991Royal Oak, KippaxMarbles
39828 October 1991Station, CrossgatesMartini
39903 November 1991Shears Inn, HalifaxPints and Boghopper
40005 November 1991Duchess, ScarboroughMarbles and Flying Scotsman
40111 November 1991Old Peculiar, Bradford2LL's and Marbles
40217 November 1991Old Glen, ShipleyFluteholder and Mojo
40325 November 1991Henry Boons, WakefieldMagnum
40401 December 1991Sun Inn, NorwoodDipso and PJ
40509 December 1991Whittakers Arms, OtleyGray Rabbit
40615 December 1991Valley Inn, DrighlingtonPostman
40723 December 1991Brown Cow, WhitkirkBurglar Bill
40826 December 1991Abbey InnMojo
40930 December 1991Swan, AberfordMojo and Orifice
41006 January 1992Roundabout, StanningleyBetty
41112 January 1992Oliver Twist, NottonWheels
41220 January 1992Regent, Chapel AllertonMagnum
41325 January 1992Agpu, LeyburnMojo
41426 January 1992Agpu, LeyburnMarbles and Nightrider
41503 February 1992Tap and Spile, HarrogateBluebottle
41609 February 1992Two Pointers, WoodlesfordBurglar Bill
41713 February 1992Adelphi, LeedsWheels and C Payne
41817 February 1992Shoulder of MuttonWheels and Dark Horse
41923 February 1992Raggalds, QueensburyDoolittle
42002 March 1992HighlanderMojo
42108 March 1992Ilkley Moor VaultsSilent
42216 March 1992Hare and Hounds, HipperholmePostman Pat and Spiderman
42322 March 1992Wellington, Darley HeadMagnum and Maggot
42429 March 1992Hare and Hounds, Nr ColneSterling and GG H3
42530 March 1992Red Lion, ShadwellClark Kent and Dark Horse
42605 April 1992The Nook, East ArdsleyMagnum and Maggot
42713 April 1992Hoggs Head, Greengates2LL's, 2TT's
42819 April 1992The Abbey, KirkstallMojo
42927 April 1992Whitakers Arms, OtleyCaine/Zippy
43003 May 1992Navigation, HorburyMojo
43111 May 1992Royal Oak, WetherbyClark Kent and Ann Berlin
43217 May 1992Scotts Arms, SicklinghallCJ and Pitstop and Scrumpy
43325 May 1992Albion, Armley RoadMartini and Betty and Doolittle
43431 May 1992Oldsaw, GowersalDark Horse
43508 June 1992Rising Sun, Bottom BoatBurglar Bill and Wheels and Spider
43614 June 1992Three Horseshoes, HeadingleyStevie Wonder and Mojo
43722 June 1992The Princess, RawdonPerimeter
43828 June 1992Harrogate Arms, Harlow CarrPostman Pat and Doolittle
43906 July 1992The Queen, Burley RoadMaggot
44012 July 1992The Globe, Keighley2LL's and 2TT's
440A18 July 1992Schooner Inn, AlnmouthMojo
440B19 July 1992Anglers Arms, Weldon BridgeMojo and Martini
44120 July 1992The Angel, Robin HoodMarbles
44226 July 1992Spacey Houses, PannalKnightrider and Bluebottle
44303 August 1992New Inn, CalverleyMoto and Rastus
44409 August 1992Forresters Arms, KilburnMarbles and Noddy and That's It
44517 August 1992Blue Pig, FagleyDoolittle and Weakrace
44623 August 1992Little Bull, MiddlestownMagnum and Maggot
44731 August 1992Craven Heifer, 4 Lane EndsPerimeter and Ron Gary
44806 September 1992Old Ferry Boat Inn, StanleyWheels and Burglar Bill
44911 September 1992Paddy Collins, DublinPolly and Dublin H3
45013 September 1992Station House, DublinPostman Pat and Burglar Bill
45114 September 1992The Star, East KeswickClark Kent and M Mansion
45220 September 1992The Junction, GuildersomeDipso and PJ
45328 September 1992The Highlander, Burley RoadMojo and Rastus
45404 October 1992Inn on the Park, GuiseleyBetty and Martini
45512 October 1992Queens, Harrogate RoadMaggot and Spiderman
45618 October 1992Golden Fleece, Armitage BridgeB Bill and Splash
45726 October 1992The Mallard, IlkleyCaine and Bomber
45801 November 1992Barge and Barrel, EllandPat and Scrumpy
45909 November 1992Skinners, SheepscarWheels and 2TTs
46015 November 1992Timble Inn, TimbleMagnum and Maggot
46123 November 1992George V, Kirkstall RoadWheels and Spiderman
46229 November 1992Birch Tree Inn, GlasshousesNoddy and Jake T and Pe
46307 December 1992Mulberry, Hunslet RoadMoto and Rastus
46413 December 1992Abbey DashPostman Pat
46521 December 1992Brown Cow, WhitkirkB Bill
46627 December 1992The Abbey, KewlayMojo
46731 December 1992Spiderman's WebSpiderman and Wheels
46804 January 1993Old Star, CliffordClark Kent and Ann Berlin
46910 January 1993White Bear, Norwood GreenBoghopper
47016 January 1993Harefield HallMojo and Rastus
47117 January 1993Pateley BridgeRastus and Mojo
47218 January 1993The Chemic, WoodhouseWibbles
47324 January 1993The Royalty, OtleyPheasant Plucker
47401 February 1993Walkers Arms, ScholesPints and Catwoman
47507 February 1993Cock and Bottle, SkeldergateMagnum and Maggot
47615 February 1993Daisy, BramleyRudolph, Jake T Peg
47721 February 1993High Farm, AdelBoris and Wheels
47801 March 1993Prince of Wales, Bradford
47907 March 1993Grose Inn, Oakworth, KeighleyDoolittle and Wheels
48015 March 1993Myrtle, MeanwoodClark Kent and Ann Berlin
48121 March 1993Irwin Arms, Selby RoadMaverick and Yorick
48229 March 1993Pennty Fun, KinblaneNoddy and Dark Horse
48304 April 1993Alma Inn, Cotton Stones, Sowerby BridgePints and Boghopper
48412 April 1993Fox, ThornerSpider and Catwoman
48518 April 1993Cross Keys, Markington
48626 April 1993Hare and Hounds, Stutton, TadcasterB Bill and Flossie
48702 May 1993Tut "n" Shive, YeadonPostman Pat
48810 May 1993Nelson, ArmleyRamsbottom and Owl
48916 May 1993Ivys International Bar, GooleBill Sykes, and ? and 2TT's and Captain ?
49024 May 1993Scotts Arms, SicklinghallPigeon Hole
49130 May 1993Arden Inn, AccringtonSpiderman and Tommy 2 Lips
49207 June 1993Hampton, Cross GreenDoolittle and Dark Horse
49312 June 1993Anchor Inn, Salterforth, Lancs2LL's and 2TT's and Snickers
49413 June 1993Todber Caravan Park, GisburnPilot
49521 June 1993The Swan, MirfieldBurglar Bill
49627 June 1993Rose and Crown, RamsbottomJake the Peg and Ramsbottom
49705 July 1993Barleycorn, CollinghamNoddy and Yabba Dabba Doo
49811 July 1993Abbey, Kirkstall2LL's and 2TT's and Zippy and Snickers
49919 July 1993Woodies, HeadingleyWibbly, Weak Race
50024 July 1993Lane End FarmMagnum and Mojo
50125 July 1993Lane End FarmBurglar Bill and Maggot
50202 August 1993Old Star, East KeswickDark Horse and Doolittle
50308 August 1993Butchers Arms, Hepworth, Nr HolmfirthBurglar Bill
50416 August 1993The Dexter, Wigton LaneYabba Dabba Doo
50522 August 1993Castle Inn, Skipton2TTs and 2LL's
50630 August 1993The Abbey, Newlay Lane2TTs and 2LL's
50705 September 1993Almscliffe CragsGray Rabbit
50813 September 1993The Vaults, IlkleyPilot and Spiderman
50919 September 1993The George, PudseySpiderman and Jake and 2TT's and 2LL's
51027 September 1993The Mile Post, HarrogateKnightrider and Bluebottle
51103 October 1993Star Inn, Netherton, WakefieldB Bill and Doolittle
51211 October 1993The Crown, High Street, KnaresboroughDoolittle and Dark Horse
51317 October 1993The Ivanhoe, Sprotbrough, Nr DoncasterPsycho and Pussyfoot and Andy Cap
51425 October 1993Old Hall, Back Lane, FarsleyMojo
51531 October 1993Lamb Inn, Newchurch in PendleJake and Rammie and Tommy TL
51608 November 1993The Museum, Stumpcross, Halifax2LL's and 2TT's
51714 November 1993The George, HubberholmeJake and Candyfloss
51822 November 1993Weasel, PudseyWeazel and Postman Pat
51928 November 1993The Navigation, Sowerby BridgeBoghopper and Pints
52006 December 1993The George, LeedsMojo
52112 December 1993The White Lion, Kildwick, Nr SilsdenDark Horse and Doolittle
52220 December 1993Brown Cow, WhitkirkB Bill
52326 December 1993Horsforth Hotel, HorsforthMojo
52431 December 1993SpidermansSpiderman and Wheels
52503 January 1994The Dexter, ShadwellYabba Dabba Doo
52609 January 1994Besom Brush, RishworthSnickers
52717 January 1994The Grove, HolbeckWheels and Spiderman
52822 January 1994Salmon Leap Inn, Sleights2LL's and 2TT's
52923 January 1994Seacliffe Inn, WhitbyDoolittle and Dark Horse and Weasel Shit
53031 January 1994Nelson Inn, ArmleyJake the Peg and Candyfloss
53106 February 1994Gray O, LiversedgeMagnum and Noddy
53214 February 1994Three Horseshoes, OtleyYabba Dabba Doo and Noddy
53320 February 1994Alma Inn, Cotton Stones, Sowerby BridgeBoghopper and Pints
53428 February 1994British Oak, RothwellJake the Peg and Hardly Ballwanger
53506 March 1994White Horse, Well HeadsWheels and Doolittle
53614 March 1994Bay Horse, MeanwoodMagnum and Maggot
53720 March 1994Horsfoth Club, HorsforthWeasel Shit and 2LL's and Long Grain
53828 March 1994Tommy Wass, BeestonClark Kent and Wibbles
53904 March 1994Idle Cock, Idle, Bradford2LL's and 2TT's and Snickers
54011 April 1994Tut "n" Shive, HunsletWeasel Shit and Wheels
54117 April 1994Hare and Hounds, West ArdsleyFlossie and Burglar Bill
54225 April 1994The George, PudseySpiderman and Wheels
54301 May 1994The Swan, BramhamClark Kent and Ann Berlin
54409 May 1994Old Red Lion, LeedsYabba Dabba Doo
54515 May 1994The Fontaine Inn, LintonHardly Ballwanger and Jake and Clippers
54623 May 1994The George, BrighouseCatwoman and Spiderman
54729 May 1994Castle Hill, HuddersfiedSilent and Postman Pat
54806 June 1994Penny Fun, LeedsDark Horse and Doolittle
54912 June 1994Brown Cow, High AckworthFlossie and Burglar Bill
55018 June 1994The Drop Inn, GuiseleyWeasel Shit
55124 June 1994Shears Inn, HalifaxPints and Boghopper
55204 July 1994The Mansion, Roundhay ParkWeak Race and Wibbles
55310 July 1994The Rock, Bramley2TTs and 2LL's and Snickers
55418 July 1994The Owl, Rodley, LeedsOwl and Jake the Peg
55523 July 1994Rose and Crown, IlkleyJake the Peg and Candyfloss and Owl
55601 August 1994VandT Club, LeedsClappers and Hardly Ballwanger
55707 August 1994The Spacey Houses, PannalYabba Dabba Doo
55815 August 1994The Cockersdale, DrighlingtonWeasel Shit and Postman Pat
55921 August 1994The Besom Brush, RishworthSnickers and Son of Snickers
56029 August 1994Queens Arms/True Briton, LeedsYabba Dabba Doo and Noddy
56104 September 1994Bottomlets Arms, ShelfOwl and Ann Berlin
56212 September 1994The Commercial, LeedsJake the Peg and Spiderman
56318 September 1994Wheatley Hotel, Ben RhyddingZippy and 2LL's and 2TT's
56426 September 1994Malt House, Wetherby Road, LeedsClark Kent and Anne Berlin
56502 October 1994The Swillington, SwillingtonBurglar Bill and Flossie
56610 October 1994True Briton, LeedsMagnum and Noddy
56716 October 1994Oddfellows, ShelleyJake the Peg and Hardly Ballwanger
56824 October 1994Skinners Arms, LeedsYabba Dabba Doo
56930 October 1994The Acor, Eldwick, BingleyClark Kent and Scrumpy
57007 November 1994Cock of the North, Lleeds2TT's and 2LL's
57113 November 1994Shoulder of Mutton, DewsburyDoolittle and Postman Pat
57221 November 1994City of Mabgate, LeedsMojo
57327 November 1994Busfield Arms, East MortonJake the Peg and Ramsbottom
57405 December 1994Tong Village Hall, TongCandyfloss and Ramsbottom
57511 December 1994The Rescuers, Outwood, WakefieldFlossie and Noddy
57619 December 1994Brown Cow, WhitkirkBurglar Bill
57726 December 1994Weasel, PudseyWeasel Shit
57831 December 1994Daily Planet, MetropolisClark Kent and Weasel Shit and Wheels
57902 January 1995New Inn, WetherbyPostman Pat
58008 January 1995Sun Inn, NorwoodPheasant Plucker
58116 January 1995The Royal, PudseyWheels and 2LL's
58222 January 1995Navigation, Sowerby BridgeBoghopper
58327 January 1995Grange Park Hotel, WillerbyLittle Weed and Weasel Shit
58428 January 1995Black Horse, Little WeightonWheels and Spiderman
58529 January 1995Grange Park Hotel, WillerbyBlack Widow and Spiderman and Weasel Shit
58630 January 1995Nelson Inn, ArmleyCandyfloss and Jake the Peg
58705 February 1995Castle Inn, SpofforthFlossie and Noddy
58813 February 1995The Globe, RastrickCatwoman and Spiderman
58920 February 1995The Buffers, ScholesBurglar Bill
59027 February 1995Grey Horse, HorsforthMojo
59105 March 1995The Groves, KnaresboroughDoolittle and Wheels
59213 March 1995Dyneley Arms, Bramhope, LeedsWibbles
59319 March 1995White Bear, IdleAin't Got Any and Weasel Shit
59427 March 1995Three Horseshoes, HeadingleyJake the Peg and Candyfloss
59502 April 1995Fighting Cock, Bradford2LL's and 2TT's and Snickers
59610 April 1995Roundhay, LeedsStevie Wonder and Ding a Ling and Flossie
59716 April 1995Commercial, Clayton WestYabba Dabba Doo and Shoulder Pads
59824 April 1995John O'Gaunt, Rothwell, LeedsBurglar Bill
59930 April 1995White House, HawksworthMagnum and Mojo
60005 May 1995YH3 600 weekend, Home Farm, Tong stats for YH3 hounds although 60+ visitors also attendedBurglar Bill and Hardly Ballwanger
60106 May 1995Jake and Candyfloss and Dark Horse and Doolittle and 2LL's and 2TT's
60207 May 1995Yabba Dabba Doo and Catwoman and Weasel Shit
60308 May 1995Bridgefield, Cross GreenJake the Peg and Weasel Shit
60414 May 1995Smiths Arms, BeckwithshawNoddy and Flossie
60522 May 1995The Spite, OtleyDark Horse and Doolittle
60628 May 1995Tap and Spile, GuisboroughThat's It and Organ nStop
60705 June 1995Rising Sun, WakefieldBurglar Bill
60811 June 1995Railway Inn, MarsdenScrumpy and Snickers
60919 June 1995The Fleece, Clayton, BradfordJake the Peg and Dr Tooby
61025 June 1995The Needless, MorleyFlossie and Ding-a-Ling
61103 July 1995The Bay Horse, CliffordAnn Berlin and Doollittle
61209 July 1995Golden Acre Park, EccupClark Kent and Hardly Ballwanger
61317 July 1995The Daisy, BramleyOwl and Jake the Peg
61423 July 1995The Old Anchor, FishlakeAndy Capp and Pussyfoot
61531 July 1995VandT Club, LeedsPostman Pat and Hardly Ballwanger
61606 August 1995Kirk Deighton AFCDark Horse and Doolittle and Noddy
61714 August 1995Country House, HipperdromeBoghopper and Pints
61820 August 1995Hopper Lane Hotel, BlubberhousesKnightrider and Bluebottle
61926 August 1995Fox and Hounds, BramleyOwl and Hardly Ballwanger
62003 September 1995Cherry Tree, High HoylandMagnum and Noddy
62111 September 1995True Briton, LeedsNoddy and Magnum
62217 September 1995Caravan Park, HawksworthCandyfloss and Clark Kent
62325 September 1995Farnley Park-Nelson, LeedsJake the Peg and Owl
62401 October 1995Fulford Arms, YorkGrope and Spiderman
62509 October 1995Horsforth Hotel, LeedsMojo and Big H
62615 October 1995West End, GomersalScrumpy and Postman Pat
62723 October 1995Rowson Arms, EllandPints and Boghopper
62829 October 1995The Royal, KirkburtonWheels and Jake the Peg
62906 November 1995The Bridge, Kirkstall, LeedsMojo and Hayden Kent
63012 November 1995The Gamecock, Bramley, Leeds2LL's and 2TT's
63120 November 1995White Bear, IdleAin't Got Any and Burglar Bill
63226 November 1995Cross Keys, StillingfleetMuddy Bum and Doolittle and Dark Horse
63304 December 1995Highland, LeedsMojo and Big H
63410 December 1995Worlds End, HarrogateBarbie and Jack Tar
63518 December 1995The Oakwood, LeedsPostman Pat
63624 December 1995Kirkstall AbbeyJake the Peg and Spiderman
63731 December 1995Presidents Residence, ColtonBurglar Bill
63807 January 1996Rugby Club, Clifton Moor, YorkMagnum and Muddy Bum
63915 January 1996Ilkley Moor Vaults, IlkleyPheasant Plucker
64019 January 1996AGPU-Ashbourne Lodge HotelSpiderman and Weasel Shit
64120 January 1996AGPU-Ashbourne Lodge HotelOwl and Candyfloss
64221 January 1996AGPU-Ashbourne Lodge HotelOwl and Candyfloss
64329 January 1996Nelson, ArmleyCandyfloss and Owl
64404 February 1996British Oak, Calder GroveWheels and El Pat
64512 February 1996Clarence Hotel, HalifaxBoghopper
64618 February 1996Turkey Inn, Goose EyeOwl and Jake the Peg
64726 February 1996Summer Cross, OtleyMojo
64803 March 1996The Joiners, HampsthwaiteDark Horse and Doolittle
64911 March 1996Bricklayers Arms, LeedsHardly Ballwanger and Jake the Peg
65017 March 1996Dog and Gun, Greengates, BradfordWeasel Shit
65125 March 1996The Swan, BramhamAnn Berlin and Lilly the Pink
65231 March 1996Black Swan, FrizinghallAin't Got Any and Spiderman
65308 April 1996Owl, Rodley, LeedsOwl and Candyfloss
65414 April 1996Refreshment Rooms, DewsburyBoghopper and Pints
65522 April 1996Ringway Inn, HorsforthMojo
65628 April 1996Star, Barnby Dun, DoncasterPussyfoot and Andy Capp
65706 May 1996Castle Inn, BolsterstoneJake the Peg and Green Giant
65812 May 1996Besom Brush, RippendonSpiderman and Owl
65920 May 1996Emmet Arms, RawdonDark Horse and Doolittle
66026 May 1996Woodcock, Whitehall Road2LL's and 2TT's and Snickers
66103 June 1996The Fox, YorkMagnum and Jake the Peg
66209 June 1996Bricklayers Arms, LeedsOwl
66317 June 1996Graziers, Stanley, WakefieldBurglar Bill
66422 June 1996Moorcock Inn, Longley, Sowerby BridgePints and Boghopper
66501 July 1996The Crown, WetherbyAnn Berlin and Clark Kent
66606 July 1996The RockBurglar Bill and Flossie
66707 July 1996The RockJake the Peg and Candyfloss
66815 July 1996The Highland, LeedsMojo and Big Sheila
66921 July 1996The Fox, South HiendleyBurglar Bill and Flossie
67029 July 1996The VandT Club, LeedsHardly Ballwanger and Barry Bell
67104 August 1996Tunnel End Inn, MarsdenYabba Dabba Doo
67212 August 1996White Bear, IdleAin't Got Any and Michael Parkinson
67318 August 1996The Royal, KirkburtonJake the Peg and Hardly Ballwanger
67425 August 1996Henry Peacock, StarbeckJack Tar and Noddy
67501 September 1996Horncastle Inn, CleckheatonFoot in Crutch and Candyfloss
67609 September 1996White Horse, Rastrick CommonCatwoman and Spiderman
67714 September 1996Lilly's Pad, CawoodCandyfloss and Lilly the Pink and Owl
67823 September 1996Ilkley Moor Vaults, IlkleyPilot
67929 September 1996Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenSpiderman and Little Tommy Two Lips
68007 October 1996The Beer Street Inn, DewsburyDoolittle and Jake the Peg
68113 October 1996Shibden Mill Inn, Blake HillPostman and Shoulder Pads
68221 October 1996Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby BridgeJake the Peg and Boghopper
68327 October 1996Ferrands Arms, BingleyBurglar Bill and Flossie
68403 November 1996Old Leos, Alwoodley, LeedsDark Horse and Owl
68510 November 1996Bay Horse, MeanwoodMagnum and Maggot
68618 November 1996Black Swan, FrizinghallAin't Got Any and Mrs Merton
68724 November 1996Station, CriggleswickWheels and Buglar Bill
68802 February 1996Shears Inn, HalifaxBoghopper
68908 December 1996Old Glen House, BaildonOwl and Aint Got Any
69016 December 1996The Palace, LeedsMojo
69122 December 1996Halls of Residence, Clarence Dock, LeedsSpiderman and Boghopper
69230 December 1996The George, OssettJake the Peg and Owl
69305 January 1997The Crown, WetherbyPostman Pat and Ann Berlin
69413 January 1997Albion, Greengates, BradfordAin't Got Any
69519 January 1997The Dragon, HarrogateModel T and Wet Nix
69624 January 1997Wheatsheaf - AGPUNoddy and Catwoman
69725 January 1997Deerness Sports Centre - AGPUSpiderman and Jake the Peg
69826 January 1997Eden Arms Hotel - AGPUOwl and Weasel Shit
69927 January 1997Refreshment Rooms, DewsburyBoghopper and Andrew Taylor
70002 February 1997Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenCandyfloss and Netto
70110 February 1997The Groves, KnaresboroughJack Tar and Clueless
70216 February 1997White Cross, GuiseleyAin't Got Any and Flossie
70324 February 1997Old Kings Arms, HorsforthMojo
70402 March 1997Halfway House, BirkenshawWheels and Doolittle
70510 March 1997Bay Horse, OtleyDoolittle and Dark Horse
70616 March 1997Fleece, Fartown, PudseyBook in 'ell and Weasel Shit and Wheels
70724 March 1997Bay Horse, FarsleyFlossie and Noddy and Beetlenut
70830 March 1997Moorcock Inn, Wainstalls, HalifaxBoghopper and Pints
70907 April 1997Old Bridge Inn, KirkstallHery Root and Magnum
71013 April 1997Harts Head Hotel, GiggleswickSpiderman and Phil Ward
71121 April 1997The Grove, LeedsWheels and Book in 'ell
71227 April 1997Weavers, Luddenden, HalifaxOwl and Spiderman
71305 May 1997Albion, Greengates, BradfordWeasel Shit and Flossie and Ain't Got Any
71411 May 1997Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenEver Ready and Little Tommy Two Lips
71519 May 1997VandT Club, LeedsHardly Ballwanger and Clappers
71625 May 1997White Cross, GuiseleyOwl and Book in 'ell
71702 June 1997Huntsman, CattalModel T and Jack Tar
71808 June 1997Ivanhoe, SprotboroughYogi and Burglar Bill
71916 June 1997Old Kings Arms, HorsforthMojo
72022 June 1997George, OssettOwl and Jake the Peg
72130 June 1997Royal Hotel, Boston SpaDoolittle and Ann Berli
72206 July 1997Fleece, Fartown, PudseyLick it up and Wheels and Chris Whitworth
72314 July 1997Clough House, RastrickMojo and Magnum
72420 July 1997Carpenters Arms, WestwoodsideCatwoman and Tim Johnsn
72528 July 1997White House, ArmleyOwl and Jake the Peg
72603 August 1997Brewers Arms, WilsdenOwl and Candyfloss
72711 August 1997Railway, Rodley, LeedsGromit and Heroin and Magum
72817 August 1997The Buck, Great AytonOxy Moron and Mad Max
72925 August 1997Travellers RestBoghopper and Spiderman
73031 August 1997Weavers Arms, Luddenden FootBoghopper and Spiderman
73108 September 1997Saville Arms, HunsworthMojo
73214 September 1997Triangle Inn, TriangleFoot in Crutch and Boghopper
73322 September 1997Blue Pig, FarsleyLick it Up and Tight Fit and Wheels
73428 September 1997Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenSpiderman and Little Tommy Two Lips
73506 October 1997Highbury Cricket Club, LeedsBook in 'ell and Dark Horse
73612 October 1997Albion, Greengates, BradfordScrumpy and Ain't Got Any
73720 October 1997Travellers, HipperholmeSpiderman and Boghopper
73826 October 1997Bonny Bunch o' Roses, SilkstoneBurglar Bill and Flossie
73903 November 1997Royal Oak, South QueensburyOwl and Jake the Peg
74009 November 1997Golden Acre Park, LeedsMagnum and Sloppy
74117 November 1997The Kings Arms, HorsforthMojo
74223 November 1997Triangle Inn, TriangleJake the Peg and Owl
74301 December 1997Beer St, DewsburyBoghopper and Weasel Shit
74407 December 1997Highland, LeedsJake the Peg and Spiderman
74515 December 1997Mabgate, LeedsMojo
74621 December 1997Triangle Inn, TriangleFoot in Crutch and Boghopper
74729 December 1997Mexborough, CastlefordBurglar Bill
74831 December 1997Spiderman's Web, LeedsSpiderman and Wheels
74904 January 1998Old Star, East KeswickAnn Berlin and Muddy Bum and Lolita
75012 January 1998Bridge, LeedsMagnum
75118 January 1998Weavers Arms, Luddenden FootSpiderman and Jake the Peg
75223 January 1998The Featers - AGPUJake the Peg and Owl
75324 January 1998Colne Sports Centre - AGPUSpiderman and Lilly the Pink
75425 January 1998Oaks Hotel - AGPUHardly Ballwanger and Foot in Crutch
75526 January 1998White Horse, ArmleyJake the Peg and Owl and Mary O'Brien
75601 February 1998The Rock, RockhillBeetlenut and Noddy
75709 February 1998The Black Swan, FrizinghallAin't Got Any and Candyfloss
75815 February 1998Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenSpiderman and Black Widow
75923 February 1998Th Daisy, BramleyWheels and Jake the Peg
76001 March 1998Brown Cow, WykeTight Fit and Lick it Up
76109 March 1998White Stag, LeedsDoolittle and Ain't Got Any
76215 March 1998Travellers, HipperholmeSpiderman and Boghopper
76323 March 1998Royal Oak, WetherbyMojo
76429 March 1998Weavers Arms, Luddenden FootSpiderman and Uri
76506 April 1998Stafford Arms, Hartshead MoorFoot in Crutch and Get a Monk on
76612 April 1998Marriot Hotel, TongWeasel Shit
76720 April 1998VandT Club, LeedsHardly Ballwanger and Dark Horse
76826 April 1998World's End, KnaresboroughJack Tar and Doolittle
76904 May 1998Rising Sun, LeedsSpiderman
77010 May 1998Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenOwl and Shaggy Plug and Fred the Ferret
77118 May 1998Old Kings Arms, HorsforthMojo
77225 May 1998Triangle Inn, TriangleFoot in Crutch and Boghopper
77301 June 1998Shoulder of Mutton, Kirkby OverblowModel T and Lick it Up
77407 June 1998Travellers, HipperholmeSpiderman and Foot in Crutch
77515 June 1998New Inn, IdleAin't Got Any
77621 June 1998Hunters, PooleWheels and Grey Rabbit
78029 June 1998WetherbyAnn Berlin and SMEG
77703 July 1998Lane Ends Farm, HubyCandyfloss and Stick
77804 July 1998Harrogate Rugby ClubJake the Peg and Spunky and Mary Poppins and Model T
77905 July 1998Lane Ends Farm, HubyOwl and Wet Nix
78113 July 1998Shoulder of Mutton, Kirk SmeatonBeetlenut
78219 July 1998Spiderman's WebJake the Peg and Owl
78327 July 1998Rising Sun, LeedsJake the Peg and Owl
78402 August 1998The Eyrie, CookridgeWheels and Weasel Shit
78510 August 1998Rosebud, RothwellBurglar Bill
78616 August 1998Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenCandyfloss and Lick it Up
78724 August 1998Dyneley Arms, PooleMagnum and Not Big Enough
78830 August 1998Midgehold WMC, Hebden BridgeBoghopper and Foot in Crutch
78907 September 1998Great Northern, ThackleyNetto and Ain't Got Any and Tight Fit
79013 September 1998Bonny Bunch o' Roses, SilkstoneBurglar Bill and Netto and Don't Want One
79121 September 1998The Abbey, LeedsMojo
79227 September 1998Cavendish Arms, EmbsayAin't Got Any and Doberwoman and Flossie
79305 October 1998White Stag, LeedsPostman Pat
79411 October 1998Peacock Inn, FriendlyBoghopper
79519 October 1998Fellon and Firkin, LeedsMojo
79625 October 1998Alma Inn, Cotton Stones, Sowerby BridgeFoot in Crutch and Boghopper
79702 November 1998Bulls Head, Holbeck, LeedsBurglar Bill
79808 November 1998White Cross, GuiseleyWheels and Lick it Up
79916 November 1998Bridge, KirkstallMagnum
80022 November 1998Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenSpiderman and Black Widow
80130 November 1998Daisy, StanningleyOwl and Jake the Peg
80206 December 1998Highland, LeedsMagnum and Not Big Enough
80314 December 1998Scruffy Murphy's, LeedsMojo
80420 December 1998Railway Inn, PontefractBurglar Bill
80528 December 1998Gaping Goose, GarforthNoddy and Beetlenut
80631 December 1998The Roots, LeedsHardly Ballwanger and Flossie
80703 January 1999White Horse, BramhamAnn Berlin and Clark Kent
80811 January 1999Stags Head, QueensburyBrillo Pad and Spiderman
80917 January 1999Brown Cow, WykeTight Fit
81022 January 1999Friday - AGPUWeasel Shit and Jack Tar
81123 January 1999Saturday - AGPUSpiderman and Jake the Peg
81224 January 1999Sunday - AGPUOwl
81325 January 1999Scruffy Murphy's, LeedsMojo
81431 January 1999Great Northern, ThackleyCandyfloss and Netto
81508 February 1999VandT Club, LeedsHardly Ballwanger
81614 February 1999Rothwell Cricket ClubJack Tar and Burglar Bill
81722 February 1999Fanny's Ale House, SaltaireOwl and Candyfloss
81828 February 1999White Bear, IdlePostman Pat
81908 March 1999Scruffy Murphy's, LeedsJake the Peg and Hardly Ballwanger
82014 March 1999High Farm, Holt Park, LeedsWeasel Shit and Wheels
82122 March 1999White Horse, ArmleyOwl and Candyfloss
82228 March 1999Greatland Community CentreJake the Peg and Whatever's Going
82305 April 1999White Cross, GuiseleyLick it Up and Flossie
82411 April 1999Hammer and Anvil, RyhillSMEG and Wheels
82519 April 1999Old Leos, Alwoodley, LeedsClark Kent and Weasel Shit
82625 April 1999Stags Head, QueensburyBrillo Pad
82703 May 1999Rising Sun, ShelleyWheels and Lick it Up and Whatever's Going
82809 May 1999Knavesmire, YorkMuddy Bum and Lolita
82917 May 1999High Farm, Holt Park, LeedsWeasel Shit
83023 May 1999Black Bull, CowlingJake the Peg and Owl
83131 May 1999Fountain, LiversedgeJake the Peg and Lick it Up
83206 June 1999Fanny's Ale House, SaltaireCandyfloss and Netto
83314 June 1999Arkle, MorleySnow White and Andy Smith
83420 June 1999Woodman, LeedsFlossie and Hamster Face
83528 June 1999Crown Inn, WetherbyAnn Berlin and Jack Tar
83604 July 1999Greetland Community CentreWhatever's Going and Clark Kent
83712 July 1999Peacock Inn, FriendlyBoghopper
83818 July 1999Sutton Arms, Sutton on DerwentWheels and Weasel Shit
83926 July 1999White Horse, ArmleyJake the Peg and Owl
84001 August 1999Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenCandyfloss
84109 August 1999Royalty, Otley ChevinMojo
84215 August 1999Stags Head, QueensburyBrillo Pad and Lee Sawkill
84323 August 1999Blue Pig, BradfordTight Fit and Candyfloss
84429 August 1999High Farm, Holt Park, LeedsOwl and Weasel Shit
84506 September 1999Hark to Rover, LeedsWheels and Lick it Up
84612 September 1999Great Northern, ThackleyCandyfloss
84720 September 1999Ring O' Bells, OtleyModel T
84825 September 1999Strathmore Arms, TeesdaleJake the Peg and Jack Tar
84926 September 1999Strathmore Arms, TeesdaleJake the Peg and Candyfloss
85004 October 1999Skinners Arms, LeedsFlossie and Ever Ready
85110 October 1999Brown Cow, WykeTight Fit
85218 October 1999VandT Club, LeedsHardly Ballwanger
85323 October 1999Leeds ArmsFlossie and Ever Ready
85401 November 1999Station, YeadonMojo
85507 November 1999Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenCandyfloss and Lick it Up
85615 November 1999Stags Head, QueensburyBrillo Pad
85721 November 1999Tile Sheds, Great AytonSpunky
85829 November 1999John F Kennedy, DewsburyBoghopper
85905 December 1999Highland, LeedsCandyfloss and Lick it Up
86013 December 1999Scruffy Murphy's, LeedsMojo
86119 December 1999Fanny's Ale House, SaltaireCandyfloss
86227 December 1999Blue Pig, FagleyAin't Got Any and Tight Fit
86331 December 1999Candyfloss and Netto's DungeonCandyfloss
86402 January 2000Board Inn, KnaresboroughJack Tar and Clueless
86510 January 2000Bay Horse, MeanwoodLick it Up and Wheels
86616 January 2000Rose and Crown, CophillFlossie and Ever Ready
86721 January 2000Crown Hotel, CarlisleWeasel Shit and Jack Tar
86822 January 2000Crown Hotel, CarlisleJake the Peg and Mojo
86923 January 2000Crown Hotel, CarlisleCar Thief and Tight Fit
87024 January 2000Wheatsheaf, QueensburyBrillo
87130 January 2000Royalty, Otley ChevinLick it Up and Wheels
87207 February 2000VandT Club, LeedsHardly Ballwanger
87313 February 2000Blue Pig, FagleyTight Fit
87421 February 2000Scarborough Taps, LeedsMojo
87527 February 2000Moorcock, Sowerby BridgeFoot in Crutch and Boghopper
87606 March 2000White Bear, IdleAin't Got Any
87712 March 2000Yew Tree, OtleyMojo and Weasel Shit
87820 March 2000BramhamAnn Berlin and Clrk Kent
87926 March 2000Mexborough, ThornerMagnum and Twilight
88003 April 2000Owl, RodleyWeasel Shit and Flossie
88109 April 2000Alma, Cotton StonesFoot in Crutch and Lick it Up
88217 April 2000Geoge's Bar, HorsforthMojo
88323 April 2000Wagoners, ButtershawLick it Up and Wheels
88401 May 2000Worlds End, KnaresboroughStick
88507 May 2000Old Leos, Alwoodley, LeedsNoddy and Flossie
88615 May 2000White Horse, ArmleyJake the Peg and Owl
88721 May 2000Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenThree Skin and Candyfloss
88827 May 2000HaworthMojo and Jake the Peg
88928 May 2000Westfield Lodge, HaworthHRT and Foot in Crutch
89029 May 2000Westfield Lodge, HaworthBoghopper and Half Pints
89129 May 2000Black Swan, FrizinghallAin't Got Any and Stella Mays
89204 June 2000Cumberland, DoncasterYogi
89312 June 2000Half Moon, PoolSMEG and Black Widow
89418 June 2000Arden Inn, AccringtonWheels and Ever Ready and LTTL
89526 June 2000Old White Bear, Norwood GreenBoghopper and Foot in Crutch
89602 July 2000Branch Road Inn, GreetlandHRT and Mojo
89710 July 2000George's Bar, LeedsFlossie
89816 July 2000Oliver Twist, NottonWheels and Lick it Up
89924 July 2000Old Packhorse, Heartshead MoorOD and Rivet
90030 July 2000Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenCandyfloss and Weasel Shit
90107 August 2000Hollywell InnHRT and Mojo
90213 August 2000Old Packhorse, Heartshead MoorOD and Rivet
90321 August 2000White Bear, IdleAin't Got Any and Stella Mays
90427 August 2000Weasel's ShitehouseWeasel Shit and Hardly Ballwanger
90504 September 2000Puzzle Hole InnJake the Peg and Boghopper
90609 September 2000Fairy Glen, DwygyfylchiHeroin and Gromit and Candyfloss
90710 September 2000Fairy Glen + Magnum'sMagnum and Twilight
90818 September 2000Kings Arms, PudseyTight Fit
90924 September 2000Pledwick Well, Newmiller DamCar Thief
91002 October 2000Station, YeadonHRT and Jake the Peg
91108 October 2000Shepherds Rest, LumbuttsMojo and Jake the Peg
91216 October 2000Albion, LiversedgeRivet and OD
91322 October 2000Kings Arms, Sutton in CravenCandyfloss
91430 October 2000Worlds End, KnaresboroughJack Tar and Clueless
91505 November 2000Railway, HonleyEver Ready and Flossie
91613 November 2000Babes in the Wood, TingleyLick it Up and Sheilablige
91719 November 2000Albion, LiversedgeRivet and OD
91827 November 2000Car Park, Boston SpaAnn Berlin and Hardly Ballwanger
91903 December 2000Highland, LeedsBoghopper and Gobbler
92011 December 2000Shoulder of Mutton, BradfordAin't Got Any and Stella Mays
92117 December 2000Fanny's Ale House, SaltaireAin't Got Any and Candyfloss
92224 December 2000Bay Horse, OtleyMojo
92331 December 2000LIU Boudoure, LeedsWheels
92408 January 2001White Horse, ArmleyOwl and Jake the Peg
92514 January 2001Worlds End, KnaresboroughJack Tar
92619 January 2001AGPU, FridayWeasel Shit and Jack Tar
92720 January 2001AGPU, SaturdayTight Fit and Jake the Peg
92821 January 2001AGPU, SundayEver Ready and Mojo
92922 January 2001Hark to Rover, KirkstallLick it Up
93028 January 2001Gobbler Mansions, GomersalGobbler
93105 February 2001Manor, OtleyMojo
93211 February 2001Yorkshire Volunteer, MirfieldOD and Rivet
93319 February 2001Midland, IlkleyOwl
93425 February 2001The Grove, LeedsWheels
25 February 2001Lime Street Station, LiverpoolEver Ready and Living Bra
93505 March 2001Old Bridge Inn, KirkstallRapunzel and Bookend
93611 March 2001White Bear, IdleAin't Got Any and Mojo
93719 March 2001Owl, RodleyWeasel Shit
93825 March 2001Dragon, HarrogateStick
93902 April 2001Fanny's Ale House, SaltaireNetto and Candyfloss
94008 April 2001Two Pointers, WoodlesfordWheels
94116 April 2001Worlds End, KnaresboroughJack Tar and Clueless
94222 April 2001Railway, HonleyFlossie and Ever Ready
94330 April 2001Manor, OtleyMojo
94406 May 2001Bull, ShipleyCandyfloss
94514 May 2001VandT Club, LeedsHardly Ballwanger
94620 May 2001Rising Sun, HuddersfieldLick it Up
94728 May 2001Royal, HalifaxLick it Up
94803 June 2001Great Northern, ThackleyLunch Box and Privet and Jake the Peg
94911 June 2001Midland, IlkleyOwl
95017 June 2001Druids, GreetlandHRT
95126 June 2001Railway, Rodley, LeedsBookend and Rapunzel
95201 July 2001Prospect Inn, HalifaxBoghopper and Pints
95309 July 2001George and Dragon, WetherbyAnn Berlin and Stick
95415 July 2001Roundhay Park and Hamster's HutchFlossie and Ever Ready and Hamster Face
95523 July 2001Spotted Cow, DrighlingtonLick it Up and Wheels
95629 July 2001Fanny's Ale House, SaltaireCandyfloss and Netto
95706 August 2001Old Saw, GomersalGobbler and Tossoff
95812 August 2001Golden Ball, YorkMojo and Ever Ready
95920 August 2001Prospect Inn, HalifaxBoghopper and Foot in Crutch
96026 August 2001Hare and Hounds, Clayton HeightsTight Fit
96103 September 2001White Horse, ArmleyOwl and Jake the Peg
96209 September 2001Weasel, PudseyOwl and Jake the Peg
96317 September 2001White Bear, IdleAin't Got Any
96423 September 2001Shoulder of Mutton, GomersalGobbler and Tossoff
96501 October 2001Pear Tree, Norwood GreenBoghopper
96607 October 2001Brewery Tap, IdleAin't Got Any
96715 October 2001Bay Horse, MeanwoodDark Horse
96821 October 2001Manor, OtleyMojo and Owl
21 October 2001Villa Benidorm Hotel, BenidormJack Tar and Jake the Peg
96929 October 2001Owl, RodleyWeasel Shit and Wet Fanny
97004 November 2001Sun Inn, Norwood EdgeMojo
97112 November 2001New Inn, CalverleyLick it Up
97218 November 2001Alma, Cotton StonesFoot in Crutch
97326 November 2001Police Headquarters Bar, WakefieldMagnum and Twilight
97402 December 2001Highland, LeedsMojo
97510 December 2001Wellington's, LeedsMojo
97616 December 2001Railway, HonleyFlossie and Ever Ready
97724 December 2001Duck and Drake, LeedsMojo and Jake the Peg
97830 December 2001Ferry Inn, BroughOD and Rivet
97931 December 2001New Roscoe, LeedsWheels and Lick it Up
98006 January 2002AGPU RunWheels
98114 January 2002The Pear Tree, Norwood GreenMojo